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Liquor News : How many drunks are we Indians? This disclosure on women, men will surprise

New Delhi: Drinking lovers have their own class. A different trend is also seen in men and women. Some people drink it daily, some drink it once a week. If we compare the latest report (2019-21) of the National Family Health Survey (NHFS-5) with NHFS-4 (2015-16), many new habits and latest trends are found among the alcoholics. According to a study published in the Journal of Alcoholism and Alcoholism, the number of Indians who drink alcohol has decreased, this includes both men and women. It also turns out that men who drink alcohol drink for fun. However, the number of women is astonishing. It has been told that the number of women who drink daily has exceeded that of men.

first men talk
According to the study, 29.5 percent of the men surveyed in 2015-16 said that they drink alcohol. However, in the 2019-21 survey, only 22.9 percent of men said that they consume alcohol. Different patterns have also been found in this. Of the men who drink, 15.4 percent said that they consume alcohol almost daily. The figure for men who drink less than once a week is 43.5 percent and for those who drink less than once a week is 41 percent.

The figures speak.

women are no longer behind
Now talking about women, in the latest survey, 0.75 percent of the participants admitted that they drink. Whereas in the last survey i.e. 2015-16, this figure was 1.23 percent of women. The study found that 16.9 percent of these women drink almost daily. The figure for women who drink at least once a week is 36.6 percent and for women who drink less than once a week is 46.6 percent.

…a good thing
Dr. Yatanpal Singh Balhara, an author of the study, told our associate newspaper The Times of India, ‘It is a positive sign that only a few people are drinking. But studies show that frequent drinking has increased among drinkers. It needs to be checked to prevent alcohol related problems.

Consumption of alcohol was prohibited in Gujarat (at the time of NFHS-4 and NFHS-5), Bihar (at the time of NFHS-5) and the Union Territory of Lakshadweep (both at the time of the survey).

According to the study report, 0.4 percent of men in Lakshadweep reported that they drink while none of the women admitted to drinking. In Bihar, 15.5 percent of men and 0.4 percent of women admitted to drinking alcohol at this time. According to the study, this figure for the state of Gujarat was 5.8 percent for men and 0.6 percent for women.


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