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Lunar Eclipse in 2022: Today is the last lunar eclipse of 2022; Know Lunar Eclipse Time, Location, Sutak Kaal – Fast Hindi News

Lunar Eclipse: The last lunar eclipse of the year will be visible on Tuesday (November 8) on the full moon of Kartik month. It will be partially seen in various countries including India. There will be a Sutak period from 8.20 am. During this time any religious or auspicious work is considered inappropriate. Lunar eclipse also affects many zodiac signs.

Lunar Eclipse in 2022: Date, Time, Sutak Period and Location:

According to Indian time, the lunar eclipse will start at 2:41 pm on November 8 and will end at 6:18 pm. It will be visible only in India from 5:32 pm to 6:18 pm, before the eclipse will start at 8:20 am.

In India, Kolkata, Siliguri, Patna, Ranchi and Guwahati can all witness the last lunar eclipse of the year.

Lunar eclipse 2022 affects these zodiac signs

The last lunar eclipse of the year will affect the following zodiac signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio. These zodiac signs also require special caution as they can have a negative impact on one’s job, finances, career and business.

movement of planets during lunar eclipse

On that day Mars, Saturn, Sun, Rahu and the army husband of the planets will all be in direct opposition to each other. Venus, Mercury, Sun and Moon are presently conjunct in Libra. Also, the conjunction of Mars with the fifth house of Saturn in Aquarius and the ninth house in Gemini is causing negative yoga. It is considered highly inauspicious.

Must do this work during lunar eclipse

Meditate and chant the names of the Lord during the lunar eclipse period. The doors of your temple should be closed at home because worshiping the deities during the eclipse period is considered inauspicious. Avoid walking outside, cooking, eating, drinking anything during the lunar eclipse. During this, many types of bacteria are produced around us which can enter our body. Donating to the needy is considered more auspicious.

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