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Machhu river has been a witness to a major accident, 43 years ago even more than 1800 people died, know

Morbi Bridge Collapse: In Gujarat, on Saturday evening, a major accident occurred when a swinging bridge over Machhu river collapsed in Morbi, in which more than 80 people have been reported dead. After this incident, there has been a stir in the whole of Gujarat. This incident reminds us of the traumatic incident 43 years ago on August 11, 1979, in which the dam on the Machhu river broke at 3.15 pm and the entire city was submerged in water within 15 minutes.

It is said that within two hours of the accident, houses and buildings all over the city had started falling to the ground and people did not even get a chance to recover. According to government figures, 1800 people were killed, but the opposition claimed that 25,000 people were killed in this incident. There was a flood all around. Thousands of animals were also killed and in no time the whole city had become a cremation ground.

Machhu river has been a witness to the painful accident

Today, the incident in the same Machhu river has reminded people of the incident of August 11, 43 years ago. Old people still shiver remembering that accident. People say that it was raining continuously for three days. The dam built over the river had broken due to the strong flow of water coming from other places, causing terrible devastation in the entire city in no time. There were dead bodies all around. For many days there was no one to cry for the dead bodies.

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PM Modi remembered that incident

On August 11, 1979, when the Machhu Dam broke, Chaudhary Charan Singh was the Prime Minister of the country and the Janata Party government was in Gujarat too. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also remembered this incident many times and told that at that time he had selflessly served the people in the incident as a volunteer. PM Modi had told badminton player PV Sandhu about this incident.

Modi was praised as a volunteer then

PM Modi had told that at that time he wrote an emotional letter to give courage to the people and distributed it door-to-door. Then the officials, who took over the relief work on behalf of the Gujarat government, praised Narendra Modi for boosting the morale of the people.

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