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Made in India started spreading in the world of weapons, understand from the graphic where which weapons are being sold

Of course, India has so far been among the largest arms buying countries in the world, but in the last few years, with ‘Make in India’, it has now come in the list of exporters. India has reached 24th place in the world in selling arms. Weapons worth Rs 13 thousand crore have been exported in 2020-21.

major indigenous weapons

  • supersonic missile brahmos
  • Agni and Prithvi Missile
  • Pinaka Rocket Launcher
  • Akash, Astra and Nag Missile
  • Tejas fighter plane
  • Dhruv and Prachanda chopper
  • Arjun Tank

where is it selling

  • BrahMos missile – $ 375 million deal fixed with Philippines this year, talks going on with Vietnam
  • Pinaka Missile – Armenia approved to sell Pinaka Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher
  • Akash Missile – India ready to sell Akash missile after showing interest from Philippines, Vietnam, UAE and Saudi Arabia
  • Tejas Fighter Aircraft- Deal going on to sell 15 aircraft to Malaysia. Argentina and Colombia have also expressed interest
  • Dhruv Helicopter – Philippines and Myanmar have also expressed interest in the purchase of this helicopter

Made in India in 75 countries
India sells small arms such as tear gas launchers, torpedo loading systems, alarm monitoring and control, night vision, armored vehicles, weapon-locating radars, HF radios and coastal radar systems to 75 countries in small arms.

photo changer guns
India will manufacture and export the Kalashnikov series AK 203 rifles in collaboration with Russia.
India has also tied up with Saab Company of Sweden to manufacture Carl Gustaf rifles.

Arms exports in the last five years

  • 2016-2017- Rs 1521.91 crore
  • 2017-2018- Rs 4682.36 crore
  • 2018-2019- Rs 10745.77 crore
  • 2019-2020- Rs 9115.55 crore
  • 2020-2021- Rs 8434.84 crore

Made in India buyers

  • India accounts for 17% of Myanmar’s total defense equipment imports.
  • Sri Lanka buys 25% of India’s arms exports
  • Armenia buys 11% of India’s total arms exports
  • Saudi Arabia takes 25% of its total arms purchases from India
  • Mauritius takes 22% of its total arms purchases from India

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