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Madhya Pradesh: Khargone’s ‘white gold’ business reached the verge of ruin, know why things deteriorated


Many skilled workers of cotton factories forced to set up chips carts and sell vegetables
Electricity in Madhya Pradesh is nine and a half rupees per unit and in Maharashtra only four and a half rupees per unit

Khargone. Cotton industries are shifting to Maharashtra, Gujarat (Maharashtra and Gujrat) and Rajasthan except Nimar region including Khargone. The main reason for the migration of cotton ginning factories is the convenience of the industrialists in the interest of Mandi tax. Mandi tax in Madhya Pradesh is Re 1 70 paise, but in Maharashtra and Gujarat only 50 paise tax. Other facilities are also better than Madhya Pradesh in other states. This is the reason why many skilled workers of ginning factories are being forced to sell banana chips on the roadside, sell some vegetables or work in other places to extinguish the stomach fire.

Regarding the continuous migration of cotton industries to Maharashtra, Gujarat and other states, Manjit Singh Chawla, founder president of Madhyachanal Cotton Association, says that cotton industries are migrating due to high mandi tax and apathy of the government. 50 percent white gold industries have migrated from Nimar region including Khargone. About 150 factories have migrated due to high mandi tax.

Police class today after PWD yesterday, CM Shivraj sought reply from Police Commissioner

Electricity is being available in Maharashtra only at half the cost
The cash payment of white gold on Deepawali used to be a lot of fun. Cotton traders believe that due to non-increased production of cotton in the four districts of West Nimar including Khargone, there has been a migration of ginning factories. In Madhya Pradesh, the cotton and agriculture industry is getting Rs. 9.15 per unit of electricity, while in Maharashtra, it is getting only Rs. 4.5 per unit including subsidy.

Skilled laborers are being forced to set up handcarts
West Nimar, including Khargone, was once identified with the cotton ginning factories established here. But due to the migration of the cotton industry, the workers are in a bad condition. Radhabai and Kallu Khan, skilled laborers of closed ginning factories, say that many workers migrated to Maharashtra, Gujarat or Rajasthan. Those who could not go are forced to extinguish the stomach fire by making banana chips, vegetables or other labor on the roadside.

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