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Maharajganj: Controversy over installation of new electronic meters, threatened to picket and sabotage


Locals threatened to picket and vandalize the office
Deliberately obstructed government work and created pressure not to check

Maharajganj. The Superintending Engineer of Electricity Distribution Division Maharajganj has sent a letter to the District Magistrate and the police, accusing Pashupati Nath Gupta, resident of Rajiv Nagar in the district, of obstructing the action of the electricity department by grouping and not allowing checking. While imposing a case has been demanded to be registered. These days, the work of replacement of old and defective meters is being done by the Electricity Distribution Division of Maharajganj. New electronic meters are being installed in place of such meters.

YP Singh, Superintending Engineer, Electricity Distribution Division, Maharajganj, told through a letter that on October 21, the team of concerned Executive Engineer, Sub-Divisional Officer, Under Engineer and Bijlance were checking in Sinduria. Meanwhile, Pashupati Nath Gupta deliberately obstructed the government work of checking the electricity department by forming a group and pressure was created that checking should not be done.

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The team went to replace the old electricity meter
He said that apart from this, dharna and sabotage were also threatened by these people by coming to the office. In this regard, the Superintending Engineer has sent a letter to the DM and Kotwali and Sinduria police stations regarding the action. The Electricity Department has written in the letter that the mechanical meter number 343930 of Pashupati Nath Gupta, resident of Rajiv Nagar, was installed, which was quite old. It has been changed to electronic meter number 67006441 as per rules.

Accused of pressurizing the electricity department
Angered by this, many tactics are being adopted by Pashupati Nath to put pressure on the electricity department. However, the police have not yet registered a case in this case. Apart from him, the letter sent by Superintending Engineer YP Singh is also signed by Krishnanand (Executive Engineer, Acting Electricity Distribution Division, First Maharajganj) Upendra Nath Chaurasia (Subdivision Officer Electricity Distribution Subdivision First Maharajganj). On the other hand, local people say that there are complaints of wrong and more unit readings in electronic meters.

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