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Maharashtra: One Naxal killed another by strangulation, letter pasted on his chest

Gadchiroli Maharashtra: On the morning of 8 November, a Naxal killed another Naxal of his own party in Gardevada of Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra. According to sources, the Naxalites “committed this murder just 500 meters from Gardevada village on the way of Gardevada-Mardakuhi. An active Naxal named Dilip alias Nitesh Gajju Hichami was strangled to death and his body was thrown into the forest.”

information came from the letter

According to Gadchiroli police, local people informed the police about this on Tuesday morning. After this the police reached the spot and took the body of the Naxalites in their possession. The Naxalites had killed Dilip and pasted a letter on his chest, due to this letter the information of the deceased Naxal came to the fore. was active in

The deceased Naxal Dilip Himachi was active in Naxalite activities since 2012. According to the police, earlier he used to be the bodyguard of Naxal commander Pawan Himachi.

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first time in history

According to the Maharashtra Police, it has been seen for the first time in history that an active Naxal has killed his partner. Sandeep Patil, DIG of Anti-Naxal Operations, told that after the encounter that took place in the past, it has had a lot of influence among the Naxalites and now the situation has become such that the Naxalites do not have faith in their own people.

55 percent reduction in incidents of Naxal violence
At the same time, the Union Home Ministry has said that due to the firm implementation of the National Policy and Action Plan, there has been a reduction in the number of violent incidents by Naxalites by 55 percent and deaths due to them by 63 percent in a period of eight years. According to the Annual Report 2021-22 of the Ministry of Home Affairs, there were 1,136 incidents of Naxal violence in 2013, while in 2021 it came down to 509. Similarly, the death toll in Naxalite attacks has come down by 63 percent, from 397 in 2013 to 147 in 2021.

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