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Mahua Moitra reached Supreme Court after expulsion from Lok Sabha, filed petition

Image Source : PTI
Mahua Moitra

New Delhi: Mahua Moitra has reached the Supreme Court after losing Lok Sabha membership in the case of asking questions for taking money. He had filed a petition against this decision against him. Let us tell you that in this matter Mahua’s membership was canceled on Friday 8th December. It is not clear when the court will hear this matter, but it is certain that Mahua is not going to accept defeat in this matter yet.

Why did Mahua lose its Parliament membership?

  • Asked questions against Adani in Parliament for taking money
  • Questions asked on the advice of businessman Hiranandani
  • Gave my Parliament login and password to Hiranandani
  • Hiranandani posted questions in the name of Mahua
  • Mahua’s account was ‘logged in’ 47 times from Dubai
  • Tripped abroad several times at Hiranandani’s expense
  • Took expensive gifts from Hiranandani, got the bungalow renovated

How many characters in cache for query case?

  • Mahua Moitra- Accused of taking money and asking questions in Parliament
  • Complaint filed against Nishikant Dubey- Mahua Moitra
  • Darshan Hiranandani- Claims to ask questions on Mahua’s login
  • Jai Anant Dehadrai- Gave evidence against Mahua Moitra

‘This is the beginning of the end of this government’

At the same time, after the end of Parliament membership, Mahua Moitra said, no evidence was found against me. I had raised the issue of Adani, my membership has been canceled to divert attention from the issue. The committee did not investigate properly. Mahua Moitra said that this is the beginning of the end of the government.

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