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Mahua Moitra, suspended from Parliament, is the owner of crores, know how her political life started

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How much property does Mahua Moitra have?

Mahua Moitra Expulsion: Mahua Moitra has been expelled from Lok Sabha for asking questions while accepting cash and gifts. The report of the Parliamentary Ethics Committee has been approved by the Parliament. This decision was taken by voice vote in the House on Friday. Asking questions in return for cash gifts has cost Mahua Moitra a lot. While this has been opposed by many opposition leaders, Mahua said there was no evidence against him. In such a situation, Mahua could not complete the tenure of the 17th Lok Sabha. In such a situation, we will tell you when Mahua Moitra started politics and how much property she has.

Mahua’s entry into politics

Mahua Moitra was born on 12 October 1974 in Labak, Cachar district of Assam. Father’s name was Dwipendra Lal Moitra. Let us tell you that Mahua did her early studies from Gokhale Memorial Girls School, Kolkata. In 1998, she went to America to study at Mount Holyoke College. Here he did graduation in Economics and Mathematics. Mahua then worked as an investment banker for JPMorgan Chase in New York and London. After coming to India in 2009, Mahua joined politics and first joined the Youth Congress. During this time he got a chance to work with Rahul Gandhi. Mahua joined TMC in 2010.

Mahua: In the year 2016, Mamata Banerjee fielded Mahua from Karimpur assembly of Nadia. Mahua won this election. After this, in the year 2019, Mamata Banerjee made Mahua Lok Sabha candidate from Krishnanagar. Mahua won this election and reached the Parliament. However, before the elections, all election candidates have to share information about their assets before the Election Commission. According to the affidavit given to the Election Commission, Mahua has assets worth crores of rupees.

How much property does Mahua have?

According to the affidavit of the year 2019, Mahua is a millionaire. His total wealth is said to be Rs 2 crore 64 lakh 95 thousand 250. Out of the total assets, Rs 44 thousand 764 are deposited in a government bank located in Krishnanagar. This money was kept for election expenses. There were also other savings accounts, fixed deposits. Its total number was 1 crore 44 lakh 75 thousand 111. According to the affidavit given to the Election Commission, Mahua also has money in foreign banks. Rs 1 lakh 30 thousand 782 in Indian currency was deposited in the London branch of a foreign bank. According to this affidavit, Mahua has a 3.2 carat diamond ring, which is worth Rs 70 lakh. There are also 150 grams of gold jewellery, the total value of which was Rs 5 lakh. Apart from this, Mahua has many other items including silver dinner set, silver tea pot set, the total value of which was Rs 5 lakh 68 thousand. There is also other jewelery worth Rs 5 lakh. As of 2019, Mahua also had a prestigious art collection worth up to Rs 25 lakh. According to the affidavit, he owned a Scorpio car.

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