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Malayalam actress surrounded by crowd during film promotion, accused of sexual harassment

Actress Molested In Mall: A popular Malayalam actress has made a shocking disclosure about the incident that happened to her through her post on Instagram. According to the actress, she was sexually abused during a film promotion in a mall in Kozhikode district of Kerala. He claimed that along with him, another actress had the same experience. A video of the incident reportedly soon went viral on social media platforms and was aired by local TV channels.

‘I couldn’t do anything in that situation’

The actress posted on Tuesday night and wrote, “Kozhikode is a place that I loved very much, but tonight while returning after an event, a person in the crowd caught me. I hate to say what People around us are so disappointed? We had gone to many places, but I have not had such a miserable experience anywhere else. My colleague had the same experience. He reacted, but I could not do anything in that situation.”

‘The guilty should be punished’

Another actress who was sexually assaulted by the mob also shared her traumatic experience through her Instagram page. The actress said that the mall was crowded and the security personnel were struggling to control the crowd. She said that a person misbehaved with one of her co-stars, but she could not react. The actress further added, “Later, I also faced a similar experience, but I reacted… I wish no one should have to face such unwanted trauma in their life. To the guilty. should be punished.”

Police started investigation

Regarding this whole matter, the police said that investigation has been started and those who wrongly acted with the actress are being identified. Efforts are also being made to nab the culprits. Let us tell you that a promotional event organized in the same mall a month ago had to be called off very soon as the crowd gathered there to see their favorite actor went out of control.

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