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Manipur elections: ‘Don’t look east, the days of locket state are gone, we have bridged the gap in the northeast’, PM Modi’s attack reaches Manipur

Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Imphal on Tuesday. Here he inaugurated 13 projects and laid the foundation stone of nine projects in Manipur. 22 projects worth Rs 4,800 crore. Here PM Modi targeted the Congress in gestures. Let us inform that in the northeastern state of Manipur, assembly elections are also to be held this year.

‘Earlier Governments Said Don’t Look East’
PM Modi said that earlier governments used to say ‘Don’t Look East’. The Northeast was seen only when elections were held. Between Hill and Valley, a ditch was dug for political gains, only the Locket State was made. Remember how unrest was created in Manipur. There is no longer the fire of extremism and insecurity. Now here are the safety lights.

‘Ditch dug between Hill Valley’
The PM said that the agreements which were awaited for decades, our governments made historic agreements. We formed a trade government from the locket government. To bridge the gap between Hill and Valley, Go to Hill and Go to Village campaigns were launched.

‘Some people are looking for opportunity’
Some people want to destabilize Manipur again to gain power. These people are hoping that when they get a chance and when they will play the game of unrest. The people of Manipur have recognized such people. Now the people here will not let the development of Manipur stop. Will not push Manipur into darkness again.

‘Earlier governments wasted time’
Today the country is working with the spirit of everyone’s effort. Working with everyone, working for everyone. Earlier governments wasted a lot of time. Now we don’t have to miss a single moment. We also have to maintain stability in Manipur and also reach new heights of development. Only a double engine government can do this. Manipur will likewise keep its blessings on the double engine government.

The PM said that a few days later, on January 21, Manipur would complete 50 years of getting statehood. The country is currently celebrating the Amrit Mahotsav of 75 years of its independence. This time in itself is a great inspiration.

Modi said that where Netaji Subhash’s army hoisted the flag for the first time, the North East, which Netaji called the gateway to India’s independence, is becoming the gateway to fulfill the dreams of a new India.

‘The Gateway to Dream Fulfillment’
The Prime Minister said that the belief of freedom among the people of the country, which the land of Moirang has created here is an example in itself. Where Netaji Subhash’s army hoisted the flag for the first time, the North East, which Netaji called the gateway to India’s independence, is becoming the gateway to fulfill the dreams of a new India.

‘Pipeline water in 6 to 60 percent homes’
Modi said that the eastern part of the country will become a major source of development for India. He said that during the tenure of the earlier governments, only six percent of the people’s houses got piped water. Now 60 percent of the households are getting piped water from Jal Jeevan Mission. Soon it will be 100 percent. This is the advantage of double engine government. This is the power of double engine government.

‘Manipur was left to its fate’
The PM said that the earlier governments had left Manipur on their own terms. The people of Delhi used to think who would go so far, who would take up the problem. When there is distance from loved ones, I have brought the whole of Delhi to your court. I said come here, make plans according to the needs of here. The feeling was that by becoming your servant, as much as possible, you have to work for Manipur, for the North East with complete service. You have seen that today in the Union Cabinet, five prominent faces of North East are handling important ministries of the country.

The hard work of the government for seven years is visible in the North East and in Manipur. These changes have been made for the culture of Manipur. Earlier it was called Mound Harriet but this place located in Andaman and Nicobar was named Mount Manipur.

Wanted to come to the Northeast but did not come here due to lack of connectivity. Tourism suffered a lot. Manipur suffered. Now it is easy to reach the villages of the Northeast. National highways are being built on a large scale.


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