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Meet Bharatpur four friends who save Indian stork bird with unique way – News18 Hindi

Report: Lalitesh Kushwaha

Bharatpur. Four friends from Rajasthan’s Bharatpur have launched a unique campaign to save the species of Indian stork bird which is on the verge of extinction. The four friends are given a sack of rice or wheat in return for not destroying the nests made by the stork in the farmer’s field. This campaign is paying off. While this friend has saved 36 storks and given money to 36 farmers in the last four years.

Bharatpur residents Kailash Navrang, Anwar Qureshi, Madan Mohan, Lalla Muthu are close friends. Kailash Navrang told that the four friends have been doing wildlife photography for a long time. During this, it was observed that the species of Indian stork bird is slowly becoming extinct. The stork bird lays eggs in the wheat and rice fields of the farmers of Bharatpur and Uttar Pradesh and gives birth to the children, but due to the failure of their crops, the farmers keep their nests or eggs in the fields of other farmers, due to which the nest gets destroyed. And the egg gets destroyed. Because of this, the progeny of stork birds cannot move forward. Seeing this, we have decided that any farmer whose stork makes a nest in his field, that farmer will be given a sack of rice or wheat in return for not removing the nest.

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Money given to 36 farmers by saving 36 storks
Kailash Navrang told that in Bharatpur of Rajasthan and Fatehpur Sikri area of ​​Agra district of Uttar Pradesh, storks lay eggs by making nests. 2000 rupees are given to a farmer to compensate for the loss in the field due to their nests. So far, along with saving 36 storks in four years, money has been given to 36 farmers. Please tell that earlier the number of storks in Keoladeo National Park located in Bharatpur was around 100-150, but now only 6 are left. While their number is more in Uttar Pradesh. According to Kailash Navrang, we four friends have started the campaign with our own money. No help is being taken from any organization or anyone else in this. As long as we live, we will keep working to save them.

This is how the process of giving birth to a child happens
Kailash Navrang told that the stork first uproots wheat or rice plants in the farmer’s field and makes a nest about 2 feet high. After that lays an egg. After laying eggs, she observes the environment there for three to four days, when she feels that there is no danger to her at this place, she lays three to four more eggs. After about 28 days, the child comes out of the egg. A stork takes care of these children. While the second is the arrangement of their food. When danger is felt, the danger is dealt with by calling another stork. After about 15 days, leaving the nest, they take their children to another place and teach them to live life.

Bharatpur DFO said this
Bharatpur DFO Abhimanyu Saharan told that efforts are being made by these four friends to save the stork bird, which is commendable. These people will be discussed in a meeting, so that better arrangements can be made to save the stork bird.

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