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Meeting with dating app, live-in relationship and dreadful consequences of love… Horror story of Aftab-Shraddha

Shraddha Murder Case: Delhi’s Shraddha murder case has shaken the whole country. Whoever listens to the story of this dreadful massacre, the ground slips under his feet. The first question that comes in everyone’s mind is that how can someone be so cruel and merciless?

Met on a dating app and then love and then live-in relationship, but the result of this unrequited love was very frightening. Aftab brutally murdered his live-in partner and cut him into 35 pieces. Let us tell you some important aspects of Aftab-Shraddha’s horror story.

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Aftab Amin Poonawalla, who killed his live-in partner Shraddha, told the police that he had met her in 2019 through a dating app. She further revealed that they were living together since that year. During interrogation, Aftab told the police that he and Shraddha had a bad relationship and fights were frequent. He said that Shraddha was pressuring him to get married and they often quarreled over it.

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He used to throw the pieces of the body in the night…

After an argument on May 18, Aftab strangled his companion. He then dismembered her body with a sharp weapon and bought a refrigerator to store the cut parts. Over the next 16 days, he would go out in the dark of night and dispose of the pieces at various places around Delhi.

Shraddha’s father got the FIR done, then arrested

The investigation was launched after Shraddha’s father lodged an FIR in Mumbai that his daughter had gone missing on November 8 at Delhi’s Mehrauli police station. He had told the police that Shraddha’s friend had contacted her daughter on September 14. Shraddha’s phone was switched off for more than two months. The investigation also revealed that he had chemically cleaned both the room where the crime took place and the fridge used to keep body parts. When the police recovered the fridge, there was not even a splatter of blood in it.

On November 8, Mumbai Police had informed about Shraddha’s disappearance at Mehrauli police station. During the investigation, raids were conducted at Aftab’s residence and he was taken into custody. According to the police, the accused has been detained for five days and the matter is being investigated.

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