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miracle! 1 day old baby thrown into a 10 feet deep well, the newborn returned after beating death


Premature 1 day old baby thrown into a 10 feet deep well
The child miraculously survived even after being thrown into a deep well
On Friday, the residents of Chandra village pulled the newborn out after hearing his cries.

Mandya. A shocking incident has come to light from Pandavapura town of Mandya district of Karnataka. In fact, a one-day-old newborn born prematurely here was thrown into a 10 feet deep well. The child has miraculously survived even after being thrown into a deep well. According to a TOI report, the child is undergoing treatment at the Mandya Institute of Medical Sciences. The condition of the child is said to be out of danger. The residents of Chandra village had on Friday pulled the newborn out of the well after hearing his cries. After first aid at a local centre, the newborn was immediately transferred to MIMS. Surprisingly, the child has not suffered any physical injury other than the back injury.

Giving information about the child, the District Health Officer said that the child has suffered minor injuries. Since the baby was born prematurely, it weighed only 1.5 kg. He told about the treatment of the child that it is being treated in NICU. While District Minister K. Gopalaiah visited MIMS on Saturday and inquired about the health of the newborn and directed the officials to provide better care.

On the other hand, on Monday, the news of another incident came from Maski taluk of Raichur district. An eight-year-old Class II student suffered injuries on his abdomen and thighs after a teacher poured hot water at the Ghanmatha coaching center in Santekelur village here. Victim Akhil Venkatesh was admitted to Lingsugur Taluk Hospital on September 2, but the incident came to light late after which the Director of Child Welfare Committee has lodged a complaint with Muski Police.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : September 18, 2022, 15:12 IST

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