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Mirzapur: Leaving the package of lakhs, crores are earning from farming, chanting mantras by meditating on the crop – vedic agriculture mukesh pandey left his high paying job to start afresh vedic farming in his village

Mangala Tiwari

Mirzapur. The increasing population is a serious problem for the whole world. Due to this, chemical fertilizers are being used indiscriminately in the fields for more crop production for food supply. The result of this is that today the soil, water and even the air has become polluted. The fruits and vegetables which used to be beneficial for our health, today, due to the use of increasing chemicals, poison has dissolved in them. Not only this, the organisms that increase the fertility of the soil are being destroyed by dangerous chemicals. In such a situation, Mukesh Pandey of Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh has turned towards Vedic agriculture by adopting the methods mentioned in the Vedas.

Mukesh Pandey, a resident of Lalpur village of Sikhad block of the district, got an annual package of Rs 12 lakh after doing MBA from Entrepreneurship Development Institute, Ahmedabad. Life could have passed well, but Mukesh thought of doing something different. In the year 2016, he started farming with a cost of 50 thousand. Initially the turnover was two to three lakh rupees, which has now increased to Rs 4.5 crore annually.

Vedic agriculture does not cause any kind of pollution

Mukesh explains that in Vedic agriculture, spray is sprayed on the crops which is called Jeevamrit or Panchamrit. No kind of chemical is used in this. Due to this air, water as well as land is saved from getting polluted. Jeevamrit is made using cow dung, milk, buttermilk, garlic, neem leaves and lemon leaves.

There is no exploitation of water in this method of farming.

He said that by doing agriculture according to the Vedic method, the exploitation of water is also very less. Comparatively, where on one hand other farmers irrigate four times in wheat cultivation. On the other hand, in the Vedic method, the wheat crop is prepared with hardly only two irrigations. For papaya, common farmers irrigate about nine times, but in Vedic agriculture, papaya is prepared in three irrigations. Irrigation is needed about 16 times even in banana cultivation. But with Vedic method, banana gets ready in six times of irrigation.

Yoga in the middle of the fields has a positive effect on the crops

Mukesh Pandey also does yoga with the people amidst the crops. They believe that this has a good effect on the crops and the yield is good. Apart from this, sowing of seeds is also done in Rohini Nakshatra. In this Nakshatra, there is enthusiasm in all the living beings of the atmosphere. In Vedic agriculture, every 15 days a Havan Kund is prepared around the fields in which things like desi ghee, dasang, jaggery, coconut are burnt. Due to this, a good energy remains in the atmosphere.

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