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Mirzapur: Story of mother’s struggle to save sick son, father wanted to kill him by throwing him in Ganga

Mangala Tiwari

Mirzapur. This is the story of a mother who sacrificed her life to save her son’s life. He borrowed money on interest, sold his jewelry. But even after all this, more money was required for the treatment, so in the end he even mortgaged the house. Troubled by illness, the child’s father tried to kill him by throwing him into the Ganges. But, the mother made every possible effort for the treatment of the son, due to which now he is slowly recovering. The smile is coming back on this mother’s face.

When a son was born to Suman of Uska village in Lalganj tehsil of Mirzapur district of Uttar Pradesh, there was no place for happiness in the house. The son was named Shaurya. Due to Shaurya’s smile and giggles, there was an atmosphere of happiness in his small family. Shaurya’s birth was like a blessing for his parents. But soon their happiness was overshadowed when their four-month-old son Shaurya started falling ill.

People said – there is a problem of ghosts

Shaurya’s mother Suman told that after getting sick, wherever the people around told her, she showed her child there. But, to no avail. Then people said that it is the problem of ghosts, that’s why the boy remains ill and the medicine is not working. That’s why Suman took a piece of her liver to get exorcised. Baba took 15 thousand rupees, but the child did not get any rest. Then he visited many private hospitals from Mirzapur to Banaras, but Shaurya was not cured anywhere. During this, more than four lakh rupees were spent in the treatment.

Shaurya’s father said – throw him in the Ganges

The mother told that the doctors said that she has got TB. Took the medicine for six months. But, there was no rest. After that, when he was shown at another place, the doctors said that his digestive system has deteriorated, he cannot be saved. Disappointed, we came home with the child. There was no hope of any kind.

Meanwhile, Anganwadi Didi came and asked to go to the Circle Hospital for treatment. We went there with Shaurya. Seeing his condition, his father was broken. He said that it will not survive, throw it in the Ganges and go back home. I said as long as his breath lasts, I will not leave him and go anywhere. Shaurya’s health finally improved after 20 days of admission. The medicine is going on, now he is getting constant rest.

Every possible help is being given to Shaurya

District Program Officer (Child Development) Vani Verma told that our Anganwadi worker sent Shaurya to the Nutrition Rehabilitation Center, the child was Sam. On going there, I got information from the child’s mother. Shaurya benefited a lot after being treated there. He told that in the beginning Shaurya Sam was a child, the weight was very less. On coming to NRC, his weight was corrected and he started sitting. Shaurya also has a hole in his heart, which was sent to Aligarh for free treatment. But due to some reasons his operation has not been done yet. Along with this, Shaurya also has CP problem, we are trying to help him in every possible way.

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