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‘Missing’ 2 year old child found from ‘Donkey Flight’, another 9 month old child was on the plane

Image Source: AP
The flight going to Nicaragua was stopped at Vatri Airport.

Ahmedabad: The Nicaragua-bound flight carrying 303 passengers, including 96 from Gujarat, was stopped by French authorities at Vatri airport on December 21 on suspicion of human trafficking. The passengers were later released on 24 December following a court order and flown back to India. The list of Indian passengers sent back included a child born in Gujarat on August 2, 2021. Recently there was news that the child’s name was in the list of passengers coming to India but now his whereabouts are not known. However, according to a report in ‘Times of India’, the identity of the child has now been known.

‘Another 9-month-old child was on the flight’

The Times of India report said police have traced the child’s family, and he was traveling with his father on the plane. Police said there was another 9-month-old baby on board who was with his mother. A senior CID (Crime) officer said that both the children are in good health and we have taken statements from their parents about their journey. Investigation has confirmed that both the children were with their respective parents. Let us tell you that earlier there was a suspicion that the child might be a victim of a conspiracy by human traffickers.

Amazing fake for Donkey Roots

According to the report, agents living in Mehsana and Gandhinagar of Gujarat sometimes create fake families and show someone else’s children as their children. Till now, 9 agents of North Gujarat are under investigation in this case. Senior officer of CID (Crime) said that till now no role of agents of Punjab or Delhi has come to light in this case. It is still yet to be investigated whether the passengers traveling on the ship had genuine passports or these too were forged.

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