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mobile production, data consumption and technology; What did PM Modi say on the launch of 5G, understand in 10 points

New Delhi: High speed internet era has started in the country from today. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday launched 5G service in the country at the Indian Mobile Congress held at Pragati Maidan in Delhi, marking the beginning of the era of ultra high speed internet on mobile phones. PM Modi launched 5G services in select cities at the Indian Mobile Congress (IMC) 2022. These services will be gradually made available across the country over the next few years. During this, PM Modi said that today the people of India have got a wonderful gift in the form of 5G and praised Digital India and said that it has given a platform to everyone. PM Modi talked a lot about the reduction in the price of data from mobile production, so let’s know PM Modi’s speech in 10 points.

1. New India will no longer be a mere consumer of technology: PM Modi said that today 130 crore Indians are getting a wonderful gift in the form of 5G from the country’s telecom industry. 5G is the knock of a new era at the door of the country. 5G is the beginning of an infinite sky of opportunities. New India will not remain only as a consumer of technology, but India will play an active role in the development and implementation of that technology. In designing the future wireless technology, India will have a major role in manufacturing related to it.

2. Digital India gave everyone a platform: PM Modi said that today we should be small businessmen, small entrepreneurs, local artists and artisans, Digital India has given everyone a platform, a market. Today you go to a local market or vegetable market and see, even a small street vendor will tell you, do UPI instead of cash. This change explains how thinking becomes empowered when convenience is accessible. The revolution that the country is witnessing in the telecom sector today is a proof that if the government works with the right intention, then it does not take long to change the intentions of the citizens. The cost of data in India has remained very low due to the efforts of our government. It is a different matter that we did not make a fuss about it, did not give big advertisements. We focused on how the convenience of the people of the country increased, the ease of living increased.

3. Now daily needs are met through the app: Taking a jibe at the opposition, PM Modi said that there was a time when a handful of elite class people doubted the ability of poor people. He suspected that poor people would not even understand the meaning of digital. But I have always had faith in the understanding of the common man of the country, in his conscience, in his inquisitive mind. The government itself went ahead and made the path of digital payments easy. The government itself promoted citizen-centric delivery service through the app. Whether it is about farmers, or small shopkeepers, we have given them a way to meet their daily needs through the app. We cannot ignore the strength of our country.

4. India Creates History With 5G: PM Narendra Modi further said that at the time of 2G, 3G, 4G, India was dependent on other countries for technology, but with 5G, India has created a new history. With 5G, India is setting a global standard in telecom technology for the first time, but Digital India is not just a name, it is a big vision for the development of the country. The goal of this vision is to bring that technology to the common people, which works for the people, works by connecting with the people. We focused on 4 Pillars, in four directions at once. First – the cost of the device, second – digital connectivity, third – the cost of data and fourth – the thinking of digital first.

5. Government working on the goal of Internet for All: PM Modi said that from exporting zero mobile phones in 2014, today we have become a country exporting mobile phones worth thousands of crores. Naturally, all these efforts have had an impact on the cost of the device. Now we have started getting more features at a lower cost. He further said that as the government started a door-to-door campaign to provide electricity, like it worked on the mission of providing clean water to everyone through the ‘Har Ghar Jal Abhiyan’, like gas in the house of the poorest of the poor through the Ujjwala scheme. The cylinder was delivered, similarly our government is working on the goal of Internet for All.

6. Earlier used to import mobiles, now export: PM Modi said that many people had made fun of my talk of self-reliance. Till 2014, we used to import almost 100% mobile phones. That’s why we decided that we will become self-reliant in the field. We expanded the mobile manufacturing unit. In 2014, where there were 2 mobile manufacturing units in the country, now their number is above 200. We gave incentives to increase the production of mobile phones in India, encouraged the private sector and today we are seeing the expansion of this scheme in the PLI scheme. The result of these efforts was very positive. Today India is at number 2 in the world in the production of mobile phones. PM Modi said that not only this, those who used to import in mobile till yesterday, today we are sending it to the world. From exporting zero mobile phones in 2014, it has become a mobile phone exporting country worth thousands of crores.

7. Internet users reached from 25 crore to 85 crore: PM Modi said that you also know that the real strength of the communication sector is digital connectivity. The more people connect, the better for this sector. If we talk about broadband connectivity, then in 2014 there were 60 million users, today their number has exceeded 800 million. If we talk about internet connections, in 2014 where there were 250 million internet connections, today its number has reached about 85 crores. It is also worth noting that today the number of internet users in our rural areas is increasing faster than the internet users in cities.

8. Earlier data very expensive, now very cheap: PM Modi said that India is in those countries where the cost of data is very low. Earlier the cost of 1GB data was around Rs 300, which has now come down to Rs 10 per GB. On an average, a person in India consumes 14GB of data per month. It used to cost around Rs 4200 per month in 2014, but now it costs Rs 125-150. This has happened because of the efforts of our government. In this way four thousand rupees are being saved every month. With so many efforts of our government, the price of data in India remains low.

9. The centenary of India will be: On the occasion of the launch of 5G service in the country, PM Modi said that Digital India has given a place to every citizen. Even the smallest of street vendors are using the facility of UPI. The government has reached out to the citizens without middlemen. Its benefits have reached directly to the beneficiaries. With developments in technology and telecommunications, India will lead the fourth industrial revolution. This will not be India’s decade, it will be India’s century.

10. Today’s Historic: Prime Minister Narendra Modi described October 1, 2022 as a historic day for India in the 21st century and said that 5G technology will revolutionize the telecom sector. He said that today on behalf of the country, on behalf of the country’s telecom industry, 130 crore Indians are getting a wonderful gift in the form of 5G. 5G is the knock of a new era at the door of the country. 5G is the beginning of an infinite sky of opportunities. I congratulate every Indian for this very much.

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