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Modi will be the first Prime Minister to visit Birsa village, will gift a scheme worth Rs 24 thousand crores.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Ranchi: Today is the birth anniversary of Birsa Munda and on this occasion, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to Birsa Munda’s village Ulihatu in Jharkhand today. This will be the first time when the Prime Minister of the country will visit Ulihatu in Khunti district of Jharkhand. PM Modi will pay tribute to Birsa Munda in Ulihatu and meet his family members. After this, he will participate in the program to be organized on the occasion of Tribal Pride Day in Khunta. PM Modi will launch the Tribal Mission worth Rs 24 thousand crore today. Today PM Modi will also flag off the Vikas Bharat Sankalp Yatra. Today itself, Prime Minister Modi will release the 15th installment of Kisan and will inaugurate and lay the foundation stone of many development projects in Jharkhand.

Modi is the first PM to visit Birsa village

Today PM Modi is reaching that village in Jharkhand where no Prime Minister of the country had reached till date. This is a historic opportunity that a Prime Minister of the country is coming to the village of immortal martyr Birsa Munda. First PM Modi will visit Lord Birsa Munda Memorial Park and Freedom Fighters Museum in Ranchi. After this, he will reach Ulihatu village, the birthplace of Birsa Munda, where he will offer floral tributes to the statue of Birsa Munda.

Why is this visit of PM Modi special?

This visit of Prime Minister Modi to Ulihatu village of Birsa Munda is very special. PM Modi will participate in the birth anniversary program of Amar Shaheed Birsa Munda. During this, PM will launch several schemes worth Rs 24000 crore along with the launch of PVTG Development Mission. The aim of this step of Modi government is to strengthen the tribal population. Actually there are 75 PVTGs in 18 states and union territories. They live in 22,544 villages and their population is about 28 lakh. Apart from this, PM will also send the 15th installment of Kisan Samman Nidhi to the accounts of 8 crore farmers.

Who is Birsa Munda? Know about them

PM Modi’s visit to Birsa Munda’s village on his birth anniversary is historic as well as emotional. Birsa Munda He is a folk hero of the tribals, the tribals consider him like a god.

  • Birsa Munda was born on 15 November 1875 in Ulihatu, Jharkhand.
  • He led the tribal religious millennium movement, as well as started a campaign to remove the superstition prevalent in the tribal society.
  • Apart from this, Birsa Munda spread awareness among the tribals against the economic exploitation of the landlords.
  • In 1894, Birsa Munda launched a movement against the British for revenue waiver, this movement is called Munda Revolt or Ulgulan.
  • The British arrested him in 1895, after being released from jail, Birsa Munda united the tribal society against the British Indian Forest Act.
  • On 24 December 1899, Birsa Munda led an armed rebellion against the British, after which the British arrested him on 3 March 1900.
  • He died in Ranchi jail on 9 June 1900. Birsa Munda was just 25 years old at the time of his death.

PM Modi master stroke before elections

This day is special for the village of Birsa Munda, who sacrificed his life for the country at the age of just 25. Today, for the first time, the Prime Minister of India is coming to salute his martyrdom. At the same time, Prime Minister Modi’s visit to the village of Birsa Munda is taking place at a time when voting is to be done in four states. Tribal vote plays a big role in these four states. BJP knows this but the concern of other parties has increased. This visit of PM is going to have a deep impact from today till 2024.

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