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Morbi accident snatched 6 members of the family, remembering the incident, the chief’s tears spilled

Morbi Bridge Collapse: A total of 135 people died in an accident caused by the collapse of the cable bridge in Morbi on the evening of Sunday (30 October). Many people lost their families in this accident. Out of this, there is also a family in which a total of six people including two children of the house died due to falling from the bridge.

Mehboob Bhai Meera, the head of the grieving family, told the news channel NDTV that the youngest child in their house was three years old and she became a victim of this accident. He said that another 20-year-old girl was going to get married in his place next month. They told that they were taking the three-year-old girl in their arms, when the cable broke and they got into the river.

35 people of a family affected by the accident
Mehboob brother Meera said that he had lost his daughter, his two sisters, two nieces and a nephew in the accident. He told that more than 35 people of his family had gone to the bridge at 6 pm. He could not go because he had to buy jewelery for his 20-year-old daughter’s wedding. So he and his wife had gone to the market for shopping. He said that the daughter who died was to be engaged after 15 days.

PM Modi visited Morbi today
Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the accident site in Morbi on Tuesday. After this, he went to the hospital to meet the people injured in the accident and inquired about their well being. After that PM Modi held a meeting with the local police and administrative officials.

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The officials informed the Prime Minister about the relief operation being carried out after the accident. PM Modi did an aerial survey of the area before landing. According to officials, after inspecting the accident site, he went to the hospital and met the injured who were undergoing treatment.

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