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Mother made a deal for one day’s innocent, 2 women arrested

Mumbai Child Rescue: A case of shame to humanity has come to light from Mumbai. Here a woman made a deal for her one-day-old child for one lakh rupees. Mumbai Crime Branch has arrested two women in this case. Among them, one woman is the one who bought the child and the other woman is the mother of the child who sold the child. The arrested accused (baby buyer) is a nurse by profession.

In this case, the police have registered a case against the accused under Section 370 (A) and 34 of IPC and are investigating. Sources said that the mother of the child did not want to keep her child with her for some reason, that is why she wanted to sell it. After which she came in contact with the accused nurse and the cost of the child was fixed at one lakh rupees.

interrogation of the accused

The accused nurse was interrogating many people regarding the customer to buy the child. This information was received by the Crime Branch, after which a team was formed under the supervision of Senior Police Inspector Ravindra Salunkhe of Unit 6 of Crime Branch and API Sachin Gawade led that team.

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Police engaged in the investigation of the case

The police contacted the nurse on the pretext of buying the child and then arrested her with the child by setting a trap. Police said that in this case, we have rescued the child and kept him in Sion Hospital. The mother of the child and the middleman who is working to sell the child are arrested and interrogated.

The police is probing whether this is a racket of buying and selling a child or is this matter limited to both of them. If it is a racket then how big and how many people are involved in it. The police is also finding out that what was the compulsion that the mother of the child was selling it for one lakh rupees.

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