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Mother saw the dream of sending her to the force… After 35 years in CRPF, something happened that Annie Abraham and Seema Dhundia are in the news

New Delhi: There have been two such appointments in the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), which were awaited for many years. After 35 years, for the first time, two women officers of its cadre have been appointed as Inspector General (IG) of Rapid Action Force (RAF) and Bihar Sector. With this appointment in the largest paramilitary force with 3.25 lakh personnel, a long wait of 35 years has come to an end. Women officers were included in the CRPF for the first time in 1987. As per the order, Annie Abraham has been appointed as IG of RAF, while Seema Dhundia has been appointed as IG of Bihar Sector. This is the first time that the RAF will be headed by a woman IG.

Both the officers had joined the paramilitary force in 1987 as the first batch of women officers. Incidentally, both Seema Dhundia and Annie Abraham were in the first batch of women officers. Both the women officers have had challenging careers and have been posted in challenging terrains. He has also been honored with many awards as well.

Seeing his father in the army, he decided to join the force.

The CRPF had created a women’s battalion for the first time in 1986. Seema Dhundia has been awarded the President’s Police Medal for Distinguished Service. Seema Dhundia has played a very important role in advancing the second women battalion of CRPF. She has also been the commander of the FPU, the first women’s police unit in the United Nations Mission in Liberia. She has worked as a DIG in Rapid Action Force. His posting has also been in many sensitive areas. Dhundia’s father was in the army and it was Dhundia’s decision to join the security force.

From Kerala to Bhopal and then to Ayodhya… Annie’s journey has been interesting
Annie Abraham, the second woman officer who has been made IG RAF, had her first posting in Ayodhya. Abraham says that life has been challenging since the first posting. However, whatever challenge came, he faced it firmly and learned a lot from it. Annie Abrahams commanded the Women’s FPU in the United Nations Mission in Liberia. Apart from this, he played his role well in the headquarters as DIG Intelligence. Annie Abraham worked in the Operations team in the Kashmir Operations Sector. His work here was highly appreciated. Annie Abraham’s parents used to work in BHEL located in Bhopal and Annie’s childhood passed here. Annie’s mother had a dream that she would go to the force. Annie Abraham is originally from Kerala.



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