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MP: Kamal Nath’s ultimatum – work for the party, not for the ticket

Bhopal. Madhya Pradesh assembly election 2023 I have only a year left now. Therefore, the Congress, out of power for a long time, is busy in rapid election preparations. Infighting and factionalism within the party have always been major challenges for the Congress. this is the reason PCC Chief Kamal Nath It has bluntly told its leaders and workers that now factionalism will not work at any level, everyone will have to work together to win the party. Congress’s new state in-charge JP Agarwal also clearly said that no leader and worker will get the ticket to contest elections without struggle.

If you have to join hands, then join your feet too – Kamal Nath
Kamal Nath told the leaders that factionalism will not work in the last 11 months. If we have to join hands for 2023, then join hands, if we have to fall, then we have to join feet. If you have to bow your head, bow your head. Make a plan for 11 months, decide what to do. He told the leaders that if you want to rest, tell me, I will also take rest. This is a test of loyalty. Lashing out at the BJP, Kamal Nath said that the police administration and money were used by the BJP in the urban body elections.

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Kamal Nath said that your competition was not with the BJP. The police was from administration and money. This election was just a rehearsal. Earlier we could put our hands on a house and say that it is a voter of Congress. But now the situation has changed. Now every member of the same house has different votes. We have to accept this change. During this, Kamal Nath also gave BJP example to the workers. Kamal Nath said that 25-30 years ago, BJP did not have workers to sit in the booth. Workers used to be sent from city to village to sit in booths but look at the situation today.

Those working in the field will not get tickets for those who sit at home
In the Congress convention, the state in-charge JP Agarwal, while advising the workers, said that those who sit at home will not get tickets, they will have to work on the field. I have discussed assembly wise, we will not be alive by bus saying, we will be alive only when we dig a well and extract water. A record will be made of every man who worked for the assembly elections. I have given instructions to prepare the record of all the leaders. We will keep this record in mind while distributing tickets. He said that I cannot work sitting in Delhi. I come here again and again to trouble Kamal Nath. Aggarwal said that whatever good work the councilor mayor does, he will be given a ticket and fielded for the assembly. Leave everything for one year but don’t let the flag of Congress bow down.

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