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MP: Long lines everywhere for fertilizers but the government is saying there is no shortage, see this ground report from four districts

Jabalpur/Khandwa/Shivpuri/Sagar: There is no shortage of fertilizers in Madhya Pradesh. Farmers are getting fertilizers easily. State Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and Agriculture Minister Kamal Patel to Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar are repeatedly making such claims. Amidst the government’s claims of ‘Sab Changa Si’, farmers say that they are not getting fertilizers even after standing in line for hours. They have to be disappointed after standing in line for hours at the fertilizer distribution centers. NBT team visited four districts to know the truth of the claims and allegations. The truth that came out in this is going to expose the claims of the government.

NBT investigated in four districts
To know the truth about the shortage of fertilizers, the reporters of NBT reached the fertilizer sales centers in four districts of the state. Jabalpur, Khandwa, Shivpuri and Sagar – more or less the same picture emerged from all the places that farmers are not getting fertilizers. The farmers are upset and the government is turning its face into Mian Mittu.

Jabalpur- Farmers returning without fertilizers
Farmers are very upset due to the shortage of fertilizers in Jabalpur. A large number of farmers are reaching the marketing association’s office from around the district headquarters, but they have to return disappointed from here. Officials are talking about making fertilizers available to the farmers soon. Agricultural Extension Officer Devendra Kumar Nema says that due to rail problem, farmers are facing fertilizer problem. Fertilizer will be made available to them in a day or two.

Shivpuri – long queues are revealing the claims of the administration
Long queues of farmers are being seen at the fertilizer distribution centers in Shivpuri as well. Shivpuri district administration is claiming that there is no problem of manure. At the same time, there is a fight for DAP fertilizer and urea at the fertilizer distribution centers. Farmers have to jostle in line for a sack of fertiliser. Farmers allege that their share of fertilizers is being sent to private vendors and it is being sold at higher prices. Many farmers told that they have been coming continuously for two-three days but they are not getting the compost bags.

On Wednesday, the farmers got into more trouble due to the new order of the district administration. The district administration has given new orders at the fertilizer distribution centers that the farmer who needs fertilizer or urea will have to bring his land book. He will be given compost bags only after bringing the book. Until a few days ago, fertilizers were being distributed to the farmer only on the basis of the photostat copy of his Aadhaar card. The new system has put the farmers in trouble. On Wednesday, many farmers had brought only a copy of the Aadhaar card and could not get the fertiliser. Expressing anger, many farmers said that the administration issued arbitrary orders on Wednesday and their fertilizer problem is not being solved. They are not getting fertilizers at the distribution centers. Farmers told that at this time they need fertilizers for wheat and mustard crops, but they are not getting fertilizers amidst all the problems.

Khandwa- One is the shortage of fertilizers, double treatment from above
The farmers of Khandwa are also very upset due to the shortage of fertilizers. A large number of farmers are reaching the marketing association’s office, but they are getting disappointed. Farmers here allege that farmers are getting plenty of fertilizers in the nearby district of Harda as it is the home district of Agriculture Minister Kamal Patel. He has also accused the Agriculture Minister of double dealing with the farmers. The farmers of Khandwa say that they have been coming daily for seven-eight days, but fertilizers are not available. On the contrary, all the farmers in Harda region have got fertilizers.

Sagar – There is no fertilizer at the distribution centers
Sagar district has a different picture of manure problem. When the reporter reached the fertilizer distribution center here, not a single farmer was present there. This situation is not because the farmers have got fertilizers but because there is no urea. A few farmers were found at the fertilizer distribution center located in Makaronia. He told that fertilizers are not available at the village level, so they have to approach the district headquarters. Till a few days back, farmers were queuing up at the Kisan Distribution Centers since morning. Even then till late night the farmers were not able to get the fertilizers. Now the fertilizer distribution has been postponed for two days. At the same time, the collector says that all arrangements have been made at the district distribution centers to make fertilizers easily available to the farmers. Revenue department officials are continuously monitoring to stop black marketing. All private distribution centers are also being monitored by appointing patwaris and tehsildars.

from Jabalpur Mangleshwar Gajbhiyefrom Khandwa Sawan Patilfrom Shivpuri Ranjit Gupta and from the sea Amit Prabhu Mishra report of



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