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Muslim women set fire to hijab in Kerala, steps taken in support of Iranian protesters

Kerala Hijab Protest: The Anti-Hijab Protest, which started in Iran, now got the support of the women of Kerala too. Muslim women from Kerala today set ablaze the hijab in support of Iranian women protesters. He said that we are setting fire to the hijab in support of Iranian women. This incident took place in the program of Kerala Yuttakadi Sangam.

Muslim women who came to this seminar organized by the Kerala Yuktivadi Sangam Sanstha also burnt their hijab in support of the ongoing anti-hijab movement in Iran. This is the first such incident of burning hijab in India.

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What is Iran’s anti-hijab movement?
Protests against the hijab have been going on in Iran for the past several weeks. A 23-year-old girl, Mehsa Amini, was detained and beaten up by Iran’s Moral Police for not wearing a hijab properly that she slipped into a coma. After going into a coma, demonstrations about the hijab started all over Iran. After her death on 16 September, women across the country started anti-hijab protests.

In this demonstration, women took off their hijabs and started burning them on the streets. Iran’s Moral Police responded to this movement with brutality on women. They lashed out at the protesting women. When the video of atrocities on women went viral, women all over the world came out in support of the women of Iran. This anti-hijab movement is still going on in Iran and women from all over the world are coming out in support of this movement.

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