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‘Muslims vote without worrying about children’s future; But RJD…’ PK’s attack on RJD


Prashant Kishor asked a question on discrimination in RJD from Muslims.
RJD has more MLA than BJP then why a deputy CM- PK.
RJD mistook Muslims for bonded labour: Prashant Kishor

West Champaran. Election strategist Prashant Kishor alias PK Jan Suraj is out on a yatra. During his visit, he is constantly targeting the Grand Alliance and the BJP. Although JDU remains mostly on his target, but this time he has tried to put RJD in the dock on the issue of Muslims. In this sequence, while targeting RJD, especially Tejashwi Yadav, PK has accused RJD of treating the Muslims of Bihar like a ‘bonded labour’.

Prashant Kishor has asked the question that when RJD has more MLAs than BJP, then why RJD has only one Deputy Chief Minister? Prashant Kishor has asked this question while addressing a public meeting in Puparhiya village of West Champaran district on Thursday. PK said that the new government made Tejashwi Yadav, son and successor of RJD president Lalu Prasad, deputy chief minister for the second time. You all feel affinity towards RJD, but please consider this question.

Citing Muslims, RJD was accused of duping the Muslim community and attacked RJD. Obviously, Prashant Kishor, citing the time of the NDA government, targeted Tejashwi Yadav by accusing him of Muslim appeasement and raising questions. Accusing RJD, Prashant Kishor told the people of the Muslim community present that these people have made you people as bonded labourers. Voting for the same party without worrying about the future of their children. You are voting for them even after losing everything, but what did you get?

PK said, ‘Mahagathbandhan is just formed, when Nitish was with BJP, BJP had 2 Deputy Chief Ministers, MLA was 75. RJD has 77 MLAs, yet another Deputy Chief Minister has not been made. RJD has only two legs M and Y. If the second becomes Deputy Chief Minister then people will say that brother make M. Do they even know where you will go? There is a fight with BJP, even after crying, you will have to vote for them. For 10 years I have been fighting with BJP and these people are telling me B team of BJP.

Let us inform that Prashant Kishor is on a 3,500 km long ‘Jan Suraj Pad Yatra’ in his Bihar. Along with starting the padyatra, PK had also indicated political activism. He had said that after the completion of the Pad Yatra, he would take any decision regarding the formation of a political party keeping in view the mood of the people.

Significantly, now on the completion of one month of the padyatra, PK has said that he will take a decision on forming a political party. Recently, while talking to the media in Lauria, West Champaran, he had said that he would soon take a decision on forming his political party on November 11 or 12 after the Jan Suraj Abhiyan’s district meeting.



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