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Muzaffarpur: Devotees gathered to see the Shaligram stone going from Nepal to Ayodhya, showering flowers

Report: Abhishek Ranjan

Muzaffarpur: The construction work of the temple on the birthplace of Shri Ram in Ayodhya is in progress. The Shaligram stone is being taken to Ayodhya from the Gandaki river of Nepal for the construction of Lord Shriram’s statue. Starting from the Jatahi border, the yatra progressed through Madhubani, Darbhanga, Muzaffarpur and Gopalganj districts on Tuesday. This batch had stopped at Chinn Mastika temple located in Kanti in Muzaffarpur. When this group came out on Tuesday, the devotees of Ramlala were standing on both sides of the road chanting.

Devotee Vinod Thakur, who came to see the Yatra in Muzaffarpur, told that he saw such a huge form of Lord Shaligram for the first time. Vinod Thakur further explains that Lord Shaligram has always been worshipable for us. This sacred stone will be used for the idol of Lord Shriram. By seeing this, I felt as lucky as having seen Lord Shriram sitting in Ayodhya. People who gathered to see the procession were running on the streets to touch the holy stone. People were showering flowers on the giant Shaligram stone.

Lord Vishnu is worshiped in Shaligram form

According to the information received, in January 2024, when Lord Shri Ram will sit in the sanctum sanctorum, then devotees of Ram from all over the world will come to Ayodhya to worship their deity. There is a possibility that the statue of Ramlala will be made from this Shaligram stone. It is believed that Lord Vishnu is worshiped in the form of Shaligram. Shaligram stones are found on the Gandaki coast of Nepal. It is said that there are 33 types of Shaligram stones, in which 24 types of stones are worshiped as incarnations of Lord Vishnu.

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