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My house is broken, your pride will be broken… Kangana Ranaut’s prediction is being shared a lot amid the Maharashtra crisis

New Delhi: A section is busy in proving the crisis on the Uddhav Thackeray government in Maharashtra as natural justice. This class, eagerly waiting for the fall of the government, is also putting forth its arguments on social media that why the Uddhav government should not last even for a moment. In these arguments, cases ranging from breaking the house of film actress Kangana Ranaut to lynching of sadhus in Palghar, thrashing of a former Indian Navy officer by Shiv Sainiks and imprisoning MP Navneet Rana. A video of Kangana is also being shared widely on Twitter, in which she says that the destruction of the one who insults the woman is ensured.

Kangana’s prediction is coming true

Kangana says in that video that take a peek into our history, whoever insulted a woman, her downfall is certain. She further says, ‘History is a witness. Ravana insulted Sita and Kauravas insulted Draupadi. I am not even equal to the dust on the feet of those ladies. But I am also a woman. I stand up for my honor. I haven’t done anyone any harm. I just protect my honor as a woman. But I was insulted. That’s why as I said in the video message- I have full faith that when you insult a woman no one can avert your destruction.’

Uddhav government sued Navneet Rana for sedition

A user wrote with pictures of Navneet Rana and Kangana Ranaut that the Uddhav government is getting punished for what they did. He wrote, ‘Just by announcing reading Hanuman Chalisa in front of Matoshree, sedition case against Navneet Rana, getting bulldozers fired at Kangana Ranaut’s house for raising her voice against the government… is getting the fruits of these deeds.’

Those who break the house, one day pride will break…

Twitter user @HarshalBadiyani shared a picture of Uddhav Thackeray with Kangana Ranaut. It is written in it that those who break my house, one day your pride will be broken.

thumping on bad steps of uddhav government

Many people are tweeting on Twitter by making collages of pictures of some sad incidents that happened during the Maharashtra government. They include pictures of sadhus pleading with the Maharashtra Police to save their lives, the situation after the beating of a former Navy officer. Through these pictures, an attempt is being made to tell that Uddhav Thackeray’s rule was not just and the government was taking unilateral actions. That’s why he must go.

Uddhav government in trouble due to Shinde’s rebellion
Keep in mind that Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray’s party Shiv Sena MLA and government minister Eknath Shinde has revolted. Under his leadership, more than two-thirds of Shiv Sena MLAs are staying at Radisson Blu Hotel in Guwahati, Assam. He says that while running a coalition government with the Congress and the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), the Shiv Sena has deviated from its real agenda of Hindutva. This rebellion has broken the backbone of the Uddhav government and now it seems impossible to sustain it. In such a situation, the alleged one-sided and unjust actions of the Uddhav government on critics are being scrapped.


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