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My photo could have shined in advertisements but PM Modi said on giving pucca houses to slum dwellers

PM Modi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday (November 2) targeted Delhi’s ruling Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) without naming names. PM Modi said that the Central Government spent crores of rupees for the development of the National Capital Region (NCR), but resorted to advertisements for publicity. Support) not taken. Modi also said that his government believes in bringing change in the lives of the people.

The Prime Minister said this in his address after inaugurating the newly constructed 3,024 EWS (Economically Weaker Section) houses under the in-situ Jhuggi-Jhopri Rehabilitation Project in Kalkaji area of ​​the capital Delhi for the rehabilitation of the slum dwellers of the capital. Referring to the facilities and benefits that people get from opening bank accounts of people, transfer of money of various central schemes directly to the accounts of beneficiaries, Mudra, Svanidhi and Garib Kalyan, regularization of unauthorized colonies and some other schemes, the Prime Minister said that if If he had advertised for all this, then how much money would have been spent.

Targeting AAP without taking names

The PM said, ‘I have counted all these things… you tell me how much money I should have advertised… How many newspapers would have been filled with advertisements… My photo flashed… Am… counting too little right now, time will go too long… because we live to make a difference in your life.’ Although the Prime Minister did not name the Aam Aadmi Party, he was clearly pointing towards it. The Bharatiya Janata Party has often been accusing the Aam Aadmi Party of spending huge amounts on advertisements and doing nothing on the ground.

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Modi also mentioned many development works

On this occasion, Prime Minister Modi also mentioned about the expansion of metro services, construction of roads around the city and several works done for infrastructure development. In a program organized at Vigyan Bhawan in Delhi, the Prime Minister also handed over the keys of the flats to the eligible beneficiaries of the landless camp. Prime Minister Modi said that today is a big day for hundreds of families of Delhi because the families who were living in the slums of Delhi for years, today is going to be a new beginning of life for them.

“Poverty is only the problem of the poor”

He said, ‘For decades, in the system that was in the country, this thinking has become that poverty is only the problem of the poor. The government in the country today is the government of the poor. That’s why she cannot leave the poor on their own terms. Today the poor are at the center of the country’s policies. The poor are at the center of the nation’s decisions today. Our government is paying equal attention especially to the poor brothers and sisters living in the city. Modi said that very soon other families living here will also get a chance to enter the house. He expressed confidence that the efforts being made by the Government of India will play a big role in making Delhi an ideal city in the coming times.

“The foundation of development of a city like Delhi is the sweat of the poor”

PM Modi further said that the development that is seen in big cities like Delhi has the sweat of the poor at its foundation, but unfortunately the same people have been forced to live a miserable life. He said, ‘If only the person doing the construction work is left behind, then the construction also remains incomplete. Therefore, in the last seven decades, our cities were deprived of all-round balanced development. In the city, where on one side there are high-rise buildings and splendor, next to it, the slums have been seen in disrepair.

So much inequality in a single city: PM

Modi said that when there is so much inequality and so much discrimination in a single city then how can one imagine holistic and balanced development. He said, “In the nectar of independence, we have to bridge this gap.” Modi said that services like Rapid Rail for Delhi NCR are also going to start in near future, grand construction of New Delhi Railway Station is going to take place, Bharat Vandana Park on 80 hectare land in Dwarka is going to be constructed in next few months. I am moving towards the end. He said that more than 700 big parks of Delhi are maintained by DDA and from Wazirabad barrage to Okhla barrage also various parks are being developed by DDA.

PM Modi’s appeal – save water and electricity

On this occasion, the Prime Minister appealed to the beneficiaries to use only LED bulbs in their homes, save water and electricity and keep their areas clean and beautiful. He said, ‘The perception that was created about slums for so many decades, the way slums were associated with filth, now it is our responsibility to end it.’ In line with the Prime Minister’s vision of providing housing for all. In-situ slum rehabilitation work is being carried out by the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) in 376 Jhuggi Jhopri Clusters. The objective of this rehabilitation project is to provide better and healthier environment with proper amenities and facilities to the residents of slum clusters.

Rehabilitation of slum clusters

Let us inform that DDA has started three such projects in Kalkaji Extension, Jailarwala Bagh and Kathputli Colony. Under Kalkaji Extension Project, three slum clusters namely Bhumiless Camp, Navjeevan Camp and Jawahar Camp located at Kalkaji are being rehabilitated in a phased manner. Under the first phase of the project, 3,024 flats have been constructed. The slum Rehabilitation Project of the landless camp will be vacated by rehabilitating the eligible families of landless camps in newly constructed EWS flats. After vacating the landless camp site, the site will be used for rehabilitation of Navjeevan Camp and Jawahar Camp in the second phase.

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