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My Shri Ram has come… Amma didn’t have flowers, look, she started showering coriander on the procession.

New Delhi: Saints say that God is hungry for faith. Whatever you have, if you offer it with a pure heart to the gods, they accept it. The festival of Ram Navami has just passed. A video on social media is making people emotional. It is seen in the video that the procession of Lord Ram is taking place. People are singing and dancing in praise of Ram. Amma, who sets up a vegetable shop by the side of the road, also wishes to shower flowers on Shri Ram’s journey. She hails Ram but she did not have flowers. As long as she used to buy or demand flowers from somewhere, the procession would have moved on.

Grandma offering coriander leaves on the procession.

What Dadi Amma did in such a situation will move you. The real relationship between a devotee and God is understood from this video. Amma immediately brought coriander leaves from the baskets of vegetables decorated on the ground and started showering them on Ram’s procession. Whoever saw this scene, became emotional. Started saluting such faith and such a devotee.
Thousands of people have seen this video on social media. People wrote, ‘Today Mother Sita’s kitchen must have been filled with the aroma of green coriander leaves. When Lord Ram’s procession was going out, the old woman who sold vegetables did not have flowers to offer, so she picked up coriander leaves and started showering them on the yatra. Seeing this scene, my mind became very happy. Piyush Gupta wrote that his coriander is as valuable as the plum of Mata Shabri. God will definitely take care of this mother. Many people said that this is the best state of devotion.

This video is being told of Vidisha in Madhya Pradesh. The name of the woman is Ramkali.

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