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Naresh Mehta’s famous poem- ​​’Dhoop Ki Bhasha-Si’

sunshine language
Don’t stand in the window dear!
This Falgun lying on the shoulders
Will start getting hot like Chaitra!

after blow drying
loose bun
you will come back
But what do you know, that
this witnessing sky and
seeping like sand
more than this silent time
a secret in me
has been written as a context

Writing like this is an archive
air, your lap
I’m stuck with muslin
like the first time
my sky has got a galaxy
even if there’s nothing here anymore
Even then
that china flag of yours
what a crazy cry
like going to that call
To go down in history
where every stone
incomplete characters
and shocking events
Since when have you been trembling in search of your language
before that,
This desolate Roopmati palace seems to be
collect this glory of yours
That’s why the language of sunshine
Don’t stand in the window dear!
There is no coming back after going down in history.

,Senior Hindi litterateur Naresh Mehta was born on February 15, 1922 in Shajapur, Madhya Pradesh. Naresh Mehta has contributed creatively in all genres of literature in poetry, novel, story, drama, criticism, memoirs and translation etc. ‘Aakhir Samudra Se Tatparya’, ‘Paechle Din Bare Feet’, ‘Dekhna Ek Din’ and ‘Tum Mera Maun Ho’ are famous poetry collections of Naresh Mehta. Naresh Mehta was awarded the Sahitya Akademi Award and Jnanpith Award for his special contribution to literature. On November 22, 2000, Naresh Mehta left this world.,

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