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Nature does us all good: Chhath Puja concludes with Usha Argya – Fast Hindi News

Chhath Puja: On the last day of the four-day Chhath Puja festival, a large number of devotees offer ‘Suryodaya Arg’ to the Sun God across the world, mainly in India. The four-day festival of Chhath began on Monday and is considered a festival of purity, goodwill and faith.

Devotees offer prasad to Goddess Chhath and Lord Surya (Sun) and pray for blessings with their wishes whether it is a wish for son, husband, wealth, health and many other things. It is believed that one’s wishes and prayers from the bottom of the heart bring blessings.

During the fast, only those foods which are considered pure are consumed and cleanliness is taken utmost care during this time.

The festival in which non-vegetarians. In particular, cereals and species such as millet, lentils, buckwheat and garlic dishes are avoided.

Sacred dip in water resources, fasting and abstinence neither drinking a drop of water maintaining purity and cleanliness are strict rituals at the time of Chhath.

Chhath is marked with the worship of the well being of the family members, their happiness and prosperity. Chhati Mata is worshiped along with the Sun God during the festival.

The trend of celebrating Chhath festival is believed to have started in the mountainous regions of Nepal after the political changes of 1990 when democracy was restored in the Himalayan nation.

They offered “Arghya” and a special tribute to the setting sun in the evening and the next day offered “Arghya” to the rising sun and concluded the festival and wished the family members prosperity, happiness, well being and long life.

The festival is marked by pomp and fanfare with a high participation rate of women and is also considered as an opportunity to take a break from household chores and refresh.

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