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Naval Commander Conference is being organized in India, know what is its importance

Defense News: Amidst the growing influence of China in the Indian Ocean, the four-day Naval Commanders Conference of the Indian Navy is going to start from next week. This conference is going to take place at a time when the US in its annual Defense Strategy Paper expressed concern over China’s growing grandeur on the LAC from the Indo-Pacific region.

According to the Indian Navy, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, CDS General Anil Chauhan and Navy Chief Admiral R Hari Kumar, including all senior military commanders associated with national security, will participate in the Naval Commanders’ Conference (31 October – 3 November) starting in the capital Delhi from Tuesday. Will discuss the issues in depth. Apart from this, topics like naval operational preparedness, logistics and human-resources will also be discussed in detail.

How is this festival being celebrated?
A senior Navy official said that this conference becomes very important in the rapidly changing scenario in the Indian Ocean region and other parts of the world. Because the Navy is currently preparing itself as a powerful and reliable force that is always ready for war.

US concern over China’s grandeur?
Let us tell you that on Friday itself, the US Department of Defense (Pentagon), while releasing the National Defense Strategy-2022, warned the whole world from China’s growing grandeur from the Indo-Pacific region to India’s Line of Actual Control (LAC). Is. In this 80-page military strategy of America, China has clearly been described as a big challenge like Russia. It has been said in this document paper that preventing and controlling China’s aggression in the Indo-Pacific region will be America’s biggest priority.

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Whom did the US tell the threat?
America has described Russia as a threat, but has clearly stated that it is the most widespread and serious challenge to US national security. China has attempted a forceful and rapid offensive to reshape the Indo-Pacific region and the international system to suit its own interests and authoritarian priorities.

China’s action against Taiwan has been linked by the US to the border dispute with India on the LAC and aggressive attitude in the East and South China Sea. America said in its military strategy that it would oppose aggressive action against its allied countries.

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