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Naxalites threaten to kill Eknath Shinde’s OSD

Maharashtra News: Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde has received many threats. Now his OSD has also received death threats. The name of the Chief Minister’s OSD is Dr. Rahul Jethe, police sources said last week at his Navi Mumbai home a letter came in which he was threatened with death.

Sources said that Jetha has handed over this letter to Navi Mumbai Police and now the police is investigating the matter. A letter came to the firstborn’s house in which a threat was written in red ink. This letter has also been received by abp news.

What is written in the letter?

It is written in this letter that last warning to Dr. Rahul Gete. Dr. Rahul Gethe is flying a lot. We are doing a lot of loss in Gadchiroli. We are going to avenge our brothers soon. His death has been announced. Take as much responsibility as the Maharashtra government has to take.

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Sources said that in this case, the police is also investigating in this angle whether this letter is true or it is just someone’s fun. An official said that we are not taking anything lightly and are probing the matter from every aspect.

Naxalites do not want to allow development work in Gadchiroli

When Shinde became the CM, he increased the pace of development works in the Naxalite district Gadchiroli. The responsibility of getting these works done is with Dr. Rahul. On the other hand, Naxalite organizations do not want to build roads, schools, electricity, medical health centers etc. from village to village of Gadchiroli. Therefore, the Naxalites have sent a threatening letter to Dr. Rahul.

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