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NCW Chief hits back at Trinamool’s statement, compares UP and Bengal Police

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NCW Chief Rekha Sharma.

New Delhi: National Commission for Women (NCW) Chairperson Rekha Sharma has hit back at a social media post of Trinamool Congress. Sharma claimed on Wednesday that the West Bengal Police, under pressure from the Trinamool Congress, does not register cases easily and because of this women face more problems. At the same time, on Uttar Pradesh, he said that the police of the state works without any political pressure. Rekha Sharma said this in response to a post made by TMC on social media platform ‘X’.

TMC attacks UP’s crime data

Let us tell you that TMC had cited the report of 28,811 complaints of crimes against women registered last year. According to this report, maximum 16,109 complaints were registered in UP, which is about 55 percent of the total cases. TMC said in its post, ‘According to another shocking data of the National Commission for Women of India, 28,811 complaints of crimes against women were registered last year, of which Uttar Pradesh had the highest number of 16,109 complaints, which is the highest in the total cases. Is about 55 percent.

Trinamool had raised questions on Rekha Sharma

Trinamool said in its post, ‘Why is NCW President Rekha Sharma silent on such disgusting statistics, which shows the complete failure of the BJP government in Uttar Pradesh to ensure the safety of women? Are the concerns and issues raised as per the convenience of BJP or is it the fear of losing the post by questioning the ‘supremo’? The NCW president defended Uttar Pradesh on Trinamool’s tweet and wrote that data shows that the police of Uttar Pradesh works without any political pressure and the women there are aware of their rights.

‘Women are kept in the dark in Bengal’

Rekha Sharma said in a post on X, ‘Data shows that the police in Uttar Pradesh work and register cases without any political pressure. This also shows how aware the women are about their rights in the state, but due to the pressure of the ruling party in West Bengal, the police do not register cases easily due to which women face more problems. This also shows that women are kept in the dark in Bengal because due to poverty in rural areas, women do not get proper education and are not aware of their rights.

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