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Need for full body checkup of Rajmal Meena Government Hospital of Baran

Report : Harshil Saxena

Baran. Plasters are falling from the roof of the Rajmal Meena Government Hospital Hospital in Baran. Actually, there is dampness on the ceiling and walls of the old wing of this hospital. Because of this the fungus persists. Plaster also becomes weak due to this dampness and it keeps on breaking and falling. It is the biggest government hospital in the district, but its building is dilapidated.

The condition of many places in the old wing of Baran District Hospital is dilapidated. From female ward and male ward to orthopedic gallery, many places are in a dilapidated condition. Patient Radheshyam Verma says that the responsibilities do not pay any more attention to this. At the same time, the general public remains susceptible to accidents. Due to non-repair for a long time, there is a possibility of accident here. There is no attention of the responsible officials and public representatives on this matter.

Timardar Jagdish Prasad says that many times plaster falls from the roofs on the admitted patients and the plaster keeps falling every day. Alam is that the long bars in the roofs have started appearing. Due to the same situation in the operation theater located in the same old wing, there is a danger here too. Roofs leak during rain and there is always a fungus due to dampness in the walls.

Gulab Bai, admitted to the Orthopedic Ward, told that the roof of the ward is deteriorating. Many times the plaster falls from the ceiling, in such a situation there is a possibility of an accident. On the other hand, Gulab Bai appealed to the administration and said that the patient comes to the hospital with illness and goes away healthy, but due to the dilapidated building in Baran District Hospital, there is a possibility of accident with the patient.

On the other hand, Dr. Satish Agarwal, PMO District Hospital says that the warden of the old wing, lab. Repair work is to be done at other places including X-ray room, proposals for this have been prepared and sent to higher officials.

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