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Nehru did not want Tawang to be a part of India? Congress replied

New Delhi: The Congress on Friday said that Union Law Minister Kiren Rijiju’s claim that the country’s first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru did not want Tawang to be a part of India was a “blatant lie”. Rijiju has said in an interview that the Congress says that Tawang is a part of India, but in the past his government had not accepted it. He claimed that when Indian soldiers annexed Tawang with India in 1951, then Prime Minister Nehru had scolded the then Governor of Assam (Jairam Das Daulat Ram) for this.

Regarding his claim, Congress General Secretary Jairam Ramesh tweeted, ‘Kiren Rijiju has been newly admitted to the group of distorting facts (Narendra) Modi. He is now saying that Nehru did not want Tawang to be a part of India. This is a plain lie. This lie is exposed by the two Telegrams that were made public in 2018.

He said that it cannot be denied that the unfurling of the tricolor in Tawang in February 1951 was a policy decision which was taken on the basis of strategic consultations.

A few days earlier, Rijiju had said that Nehru’s “mistakes” of invoking Article 370 and taking the dispute with Pakistan to the United Nations had done a lot of damage, drained the country’s resources and terrorism took away soldiers and soldiers. Thousands of people including civilians were killed. The Congress had claimed that Rijiju did not have any knowledge of history.

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