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New disaster! Q fever cases surfaced in Hyderabad, know how this disease spreads and what are the symptoms?

Hyderabad. The outbreak of Corona is not completely over yet and another disease has knocked. Several cases of Q fever have come to the fore in Hyderabad, after which the butchers of the city have been instructed to stay away from the slaughterhouses. Hyderabad-based National Research Center on Meat or NRCM conducted serological tests, which confirmed that out of 250 samples, five butchers had Q fever.

The NRCM also confirmed that several other zoonotic diseases such as psittacosis and hepatitis E were found in less than 5% of the samples. Psittacosis is an infectious disease that is usually transmitted to humans from infected birds in the parrot family. Due to the NRCM report, the civil administration officials of Hyderabad were forced to take action. The authorities urged infected butchers to stay away from slaughterhouses and also asked them to go for advanced diagnostic tests.

What is Q fever?
Q fever is a bacterial infection that spreads in animals like goats, sheep and cows due to a bacteria called Coggilla burnetii. It can easily spread to humans due to breathing in contaminated dust caused by infected animals. According to the CDC, people infected with Q fever usually have flu-like symptoms such as fever, chills, fainting, and joint pain.

Abdul Vakil, chief veterinary officer of the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC), told The Times of India that there is nothing to worry about as of now only a few butchers have been infected. He said, “As butchers deal with cattle and sheep, they are prone to such infections through airborne transmission. It could be a persistent infection or they may have developed antibodies after being infected earlier. ,

The lawyer said that this does not mean that the butchers are currently capable of infecting others. The lawyer said, there may or may not be a possibility of similar infection in others. A scientist of NRCM said, we have to test in general population.

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