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New experiment of MP government on Diwali, smell of sweets of Khandwa will spread across the state


Women of Self Help Groups in Khandwa are becoming self-sufficient by making sweets
These sweets will be sent to all the ministers including Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan.
Administration plans to bring the fragrance of Khandwa sweets to the entire state

Khandva. Diwali festival is incomplete without sweets. Many types of sweets are available in the market on this festival. This time the women of Self Help Groups are also preparing some sweets. Khandwa District Administration has done a new experiment this time. With this experiment, sweets and namkeens of Khandwa district will be sent to the entire state. The sweets prepared by the women’s group will be delivered to all the ministers including Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan. This will give employment to women as well as these sweets will get a new market.

Kishore Kumar Khandwa made his mark from Bollywood to Tollywood by eating Lalaji’s jalebi from Khandwa. The district administration of the same Khandwa city has experimented with its special sweets and dishes. Under this, sisters of self-help groups are preparing sweets and dishes in Khandwa district. These sweets will be sent to the Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and all the ministers of the cabinet. Along with this, it will also be sent to some special districts of the state.

Preparation to send sweets of Khandwa all over the state
The reason behind the use of Khandwa district administration is to give a new market to the sweets of the district. The district administration wants to give a new market to the sweets and snacks made by their hands along with the skills of the women of the Self Help Groups. Therefore, there is a plan to pack the different types of sweets being specially prepared by them and send them to all the districts of the entire state. At present, in the first phase, it is being transported to the main places so that the identity of these sweets is not limited to only a few districts of Nimar. Along with this, women should be self-reliant and they should also get employment.

Self help group women are making sweets with desi ghee
Pure desi ghee is being used to make these sweets. These include many delicious sweets like Hilsa, Anarsa, Bagga Gulab Jamun, Tikri and Balushahi. Sweets are being sent by these sisters to the state chief Shivraj Singh Chouhan as a gift of Diwali. However, the smell of the dishes of the sisters of these self-help groups will spread not only in Nimar and Malwa but in the entire state. So that their skills can get wings. Along with this, the dishes of Khandwa will be able to make their own identity in the entire state.

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