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“New life is needed for the new festival… Charewati-Cherewati”, PM Modi said these special lines in the new Parliament

New Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the MPs and Chief Ministers of other states present in the new Parliament House. During this, he read a line of the poem titled ‘Naveen Parv ke liye Naveen Pran Chahi’. Along with this, he also repeated Charaiveti, Charaiveti in his speech. PM Modi said that the one who stops, his luck also stops, but the one who keeps going, his luck also goes on. So keep going, keep going.

PM Modi said that after slavery, our country has entered the golden age of independence after seeing many ups and downs. This amrit kaal of freedom is the amrit kaal to fulfill innumerable dreams and aspirations. The call of this time of immortality is – the free motherland should be renewed. New life is needed for new festival.

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PM Modi said that this building is equipped with modern facilities and equipped with the latest equipment. It has given employment to more than 60,000 laborers. We have created a digital gallery to honor their hard work. PM Modi said that from the Panchayat Bhawan to the Parliament House, the development of the country and the countrymen remains our resolve and inspiration.

PM Modi said that from Panchayat Bhawan to Parliament House, the development of our country and its people is our inspiration. Today, when we are feeling proud of the construction of this new Parliament, it gives me great satisfaction to think about the construction of 4 crore houses and 11 crore toilets for the poor in the country in the last 9 years.

Apart from this, PM Modi said that when we talk about modern facilities in the new Parliament, I feel satisfied that we have built more than 4 lakh kilometers of roads to connect the villages of the country. PM Modi said that “there was a need for a new Parliament. We also have to see that the number of seats and MPs will increase in the coming times. Therefore, it was the need of the hour that a new Parliament should be formed.”

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