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New ‘Super Earth’ planet found four times bigger than Earth, here the year passes in 11 days

Super Earth News: The US space agency NASA has claimed that it has discovered a planet that is four times bigger than Earth. It is being called Super Earth. The scientific name of Super Earth is Ross 508b. According to NASA, a year passes on this planet in just 10.8 days. It is orbiting the star outside the Solar System and is floating in the air in and out of its Star Habitat Zone. Such a planet is called an exoplanet. This exoplanet is 37 light years away from Earth.

Just as the Earth revolves around the Sun, in the same way Super Earth revolves around an M-type star. An M-type star is the most common star of its kind that is much redder, cooler and dimmer than the Sun. They are also called red dwarf stars or English red dwarf stars. Red dwarf stars are abundant around Earth’s solar system and make up three-quarters of the stars in the Milky Way. It is being speculated that this super Earth named Ross 508b may be able to retain water on its surface.

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Found a super earth even two years ago

In 2020 also an interesting super earth was discovered. Astronomers from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand discovered this previously unseen planet and described its size and mass as equal to that of Earth. The host star of this planet is about 10 percent of the mass of the Sun. Its mass was estimated between Earth and Neptune, and it was found orbiting the parent star between the planet Venus and Earth.

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