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Nitish Kumar demanded to break the 50% limit of reservation, gave indications to increase the reservation limit in Bihar


CM Nitish welcomed the Supreme Court’s decision on EWS quota.
Nitish government is preparing to increase the reservation limit in Bihar!
After the caste based census, reservation will be available according to the population!

Patna. A five-judge Constitutional Bench of the Supreme Court upheld the status quo on the validity of the 103rd Amendment Act, 2019 of the Constitution. Along with this, there is a stir among political parties regarding this decision. In this sequence, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar welcomed the decision, but along with it has intensified a new political debate by making a big demand demanding to increase the current 50 percent limit of reservation.

In fact, Nitish Kumar had reached the convention building to attend a program on the occasion of the foundation day of the Disaster Management Authority. Meanwhile, journalists asked him questions on the Supreme Court’s decision on EWS, after which Nitish Kumar welcomed the decision and raised a new demand. Nitish Kumar said, the Supreme Court’s decision on EWS is correct. We had welcomed this earlier as well. This is fine but, along with this, the 50% limit of reservation should also be increased.

CM Nitish said, that’s why we had said from the beginning and are working in this direction too. Caste census should be conducted in the country at the earliest, but work is not being done on it. We had decided whether someone should get it done or not, we are getting it done in Bihar. Very soon the caste census will be done in Bihar.

Nitish Kumar further said, if the caste-based census is also done once in Bihar, then the limit of 50% reservation can be increased. With this, help will be given on the basis of population. We are getting this thing done in Bihar, it should be done across the country so that the 50% reservation limit can be increased.

This information will come from the caste census, which caste has the status of which; So that government schemes can be made for them and they can be helped and their condition can be improved. We will also see the economic condition in the caste census so that they can be helped, that is why we are conducting caste census.

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