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No bag day: More than 50 lakh students played chess in 60 thousand government schools of Rajasthan


No Bag Day celebrated in government schools of Rajasthan on Saturday
Education Minister BD Kalla also played chess with girl students

Jaipur. On Saturday, on the occasion of No Bag Day, a game of chess was played in the schools by the Education Department of Rajasthan Government. In about 60 thousand government schools of Rajasthan, more than 50 lakh students (Students) tried their bets in the game of chess. Rajasthan’s Education Minister Dr. BD Kalla also tried chess bets with girl students playing chess in Jaipur’s school under No Bag Day.

Education Minister of Rajasthan Dr. BD Kalla also reached Mahatma Gandhi Girls School located in Malviya Nagar, Jaipur under No Bag Day. On the occasion of No Bag Day, Minister Kalla also tried chess with the girl students playing chess. During this, senior officers of the education department were also present. The Education Minister said that on Saturday No Bag Day, it will be the task of the head of the institution and the staff to ensure all-round development of the students by keeping them busy in various co-scholastic activities during the school hours.

Government will bring Umbrella Act to stop the arbitrariness of coaching institutes, know the main things

from your city (Jaipur)

Various competitions will be organized
There will be many attractions of planning No Bag Day in schools. Under this, house-wise competitions will be organized by dividing the entire school into different houses. This includes organizing patriotic songs, music quiz, essay competition, elocution, poetry recitation, dance singing etc. Apart from this, competitions in Kho-Kho, Chess, Badminton, Volleyball, Basketball, Kabbadi, etc. can also be organized to promote sports.

shramdaan along with yoga practice in schools
It is said that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body, for this yoga practice can also be done in schools. Oral activities like asking poems, stories, spellings, riddles can be done by the class teachers/ subject teachers. Children can be made to do Shramdaan on No Bag Day, so that the spirit of hard work or work is awakened in them.

Children will be inspired by showing films
The Education Minister told that in order to awaken the service part in children from the beginning, the students can also be made to do service work in old age homes. Due to this, respect and service towards the elders will develop in them. Apart from this, they can be inspired by showing great films of scientists, freedom fighters, social reformers, patriots, successful personalities.

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