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‘No one can be benefited by electoral gimmicks’: PM Modi encircles the opposition in gestures on reveler culture

New Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi described the public support received by the BJP in the Gujarat assembly elections as a manifestation of the ‘youthful thinking’ of the youth of India and said that this is the support received for the empowerment of the poor, exploited, deprived, tribals. He said that the BJP has taken many such steps for the development of the tribal community. PM Modi said, ‘The government is making every possible effort to empower them. We also emphasize on the idea and keep strengthening the system as well.

Addressing BJP workers at the party headquarters on Thursday after the results of the Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh Assembly elections, Prime Minister Modi said, “I bow down before the people, their blessings are immense.” Regarding the party’s strategy, he said that BJP formulates its strategy and succeeds only by relying on the immense organizational power of its workers.

PM Modi also targeted the Aam Aadmi Party and the Congress in gestures regarding the populist promises made during the elections. Regarding the Revdi culture, he said, ‘Our forefathers have said a proverb, ‘Aamdani Athanni, Kharcha Rupee’. What will be the situation if this account remains. We are seeing this in the countries around us. That’s why the country is alert today. Every political party of the country has to remember that no one can be benefited by election gimmicks.

PM Modi said that for the first time since independence, BJP is the first government in the country which not only knows the problems and challenges of women, but also works to fulfill them. He further said, ‘Wherever the BJP has reached today, it has not reached just like that. From the time of Jansangh, family after family continued to do penance, only then this party was formed, only then we have reached here. Lakhs of dedicated workers laid down their lives for the BJP.

PM Modi also appreciated the contribution of women in the election victory. He said, ‘The work done for women in 70 years, more than that was done in the last 8 years, that’s why they vote for BJP (Kamal) with confidence. The voter of the country today is so aware that he knows his own interests and disadvantages. The voter of the country knows that the country will have to bear the huge loss of shortcut politics. There is no doubt that if the country prospers then everyone’s prosperity is certain.

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