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No one should marry this girl because… Why did a groom say this? Know what is the whole matter

In Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, where the lover who dreamed of living and dying for seven births, the groom embraced death within a month of the love marriage, seeing the growing pressure of the girlfriend’s family and the girlfriend’s departure. Before embracing death, this groom also made a video which is now going viral.

This case is heart wrenching and makes you think, as well as alerting those lovers who believe in their partner more than themselves, and later on getting cheated They break that then there is not much left in front of them other than embracing death.

The story of Kharvesh who was hanging on the noose is also similar, that’s why Kharvesh, a resident of district Aligarh, who dreamed of living a life of laughter and love, had to embrace death. Before embracing death, Kharvesh also made a video making serious allegations against girlfriend-turned-wife Lalita and her family. Leela finished. In the video, the young man is even heard saying that no one should marry this girl because today she has to commit suicide because of the girl.

In fact, Kharvesh’s son Satyapal, a resident of a village under Gonda police station area of ​​Aligarh district, along with Lalita Chaudhary, daughter of Harveer Singh, resident of village Kaithal Tehsil Iglas, had done a court marriage in Ghaziabad on February 23, 2023. It is said that the boy and the girl have been living separately since then. It is alleged that the girl’s father Harveer Singh was constantly threatening to send the boy to jail, which Kharvesh has also mentioned in his video before his death and the family members of Kharvesh are also making the same allegation.

The family members of the deceased have alleged that due to pressure from the girl’s family, Kharvesh had come to his friend Himanshu’s place on March 18 at the Dwarkadhish apartment behind Madhuban Hotel under Krishna Nagar Chowki area. Meanwhile, Himanshu left home for some work and in the meantime, Kharvesh first made a video and then embraced death by making a noose. At present, the police have taken the body of the deceased and sent it for postmortem and have started investigating the matter.

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