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No Terror Funding: ‘Decreased in terrorist incidents in India’, Shah said in No Money for Terror conference

Terror Funding Global Conference: The Home Minister of India, Amit Shah, while addressing the No Money for Terror Conference, made a strong attack on terrorism. Amit Shah targeted PFI without naming it. He said that India has taken strict action against the organization which spreads bigotry under the guise of social activities. Other countries should also take such action. The Union Home Minister said that India will become the global center of Counter Terrorism. The United Nations has also developed a framework for counter terror. It has to be stronger.

Addressing the program, Amit Shah said that we have to work together to stop terror. He said that in the coming time we are going to work very fast on this. I believe that terrorism has no boundaries, so forgetting politics, we have to work together to eradicate terrorism. The Home Minister said that today terrorism has taken such a formidable form, whose impact is visible to us at every level. Terrorism is the biggest canker against democracy, human rights, economic progress and world peace.

‘Terrorism against world peace’

Speaking at the No Money for Terror conference, Amit Shah quoted a report saying that criminals around the world launder 2 to 3 trillion dollars, in which terrorism is the main one. Some countries have made terrorism their policy, this should not happen. He said that efforts are being made to promote terrorism through narcotics and cryptocurrency. Amit Shah said that I clearly believe that terrorism is against world peace, no one can defeat it alone, everyone has to walk shoulder to shoulder.

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‘India committed to combating terror finance’

Addressing the program, Home Minister Amit Shah said that India will prove to be a major center against international terrorism. He said that it has been seen many times that organizations and institutions are working to promote terrorism and radicalization. All the countries together will have to act strictly against such institutions. On the occasion of the conclusion of the No Money for Terror Conference, Amit Shah said that all countries will have to implement FATF rules seriously. India is committed to work together with all countries for the prevention of Terror Finance.

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