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Not only in Pakistan, Indian hackers peeping into VIP emails around the world, from Hinduja to Musharraf are also on target: Report

New Delhi/London: Indian hackers have targeted many big leaders and celebrities across the world. Through this, he also earned thousands of dollars illegally. This sensational claim has been made in an investigative report by UK media. It said that many online hackers sitting in India scoured the e-mail accounts of hundreds of high-profile government and private people in many countries of the world including Pakistan. Companies providing illegal hacking facilities are carrying out their work all over India. They are breaking into e-mails and phones of specific people (VIPs) and countries. According to the report, to carry out such hacking, payments are made by private spies around the world. The hacking company is known as ‘Hack for Fire’.

sting operation in india
‘The Sunday Times’ and ‘Bureau of Investigative Journalism’ conducted a sting operation to expose several Indian hackers. It revealed that hackers broke into dictator countries, British lawyers and private spies working for their wealthy clients. Under this, private email accounts and messages were offered to be hacked. According to intelligence reports and leaked documents conducted in India earlier this year, private detective-turned-journalists claim that a gang hijacked the computers of Pakistan’s leaders, military generals and diplomats and overheard their private conversations.

Lucknow Crime: The target was to blow 300 crores from UP Cooperative Bank, 1 crore was spent to hack the server
undercover reporter
The Sunday Times report claimed that its undercover reporter came to India earlier this year and posed as a corporate investor, posing as a former MI6 agent. He told that he is working for Beaufort Intelligence, a corporate investigative company in Mayfair, London. He then contacted some of the top online hackers in India. He said he needed personal information for some of his clients and started getting offers of help. The reporters then held meetings with the alleged hackers and secretly recorded the conversation.

Is Gurugram a center?
The report claimed that the gang involved in hacking is operated from a four-storey apartment in Gurugram in Haryana. Its main driver is a 31-year-old young man who works in the British company’s India office. For seven years he is claimed to have been running a network of computer hackers hired by private spies in Britain to break into the email inboxes of his targets.

hackers playing for dollars
Through software, these hackers break into the cameras and microphones of the computer. This allows them to comfortably watch the camera movements of their targets as well as listen to conversations. For this work, they are paid from 3,000 to 20,000 dollars.

they were targeted

  1. Hinduja Brothers Ashok Hinduja
  2. Mark Fullbrook
  3. Liz Truss, Chief of Staff (while PA)
  4. Former UK Chancellor Philip Hammond
  5. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Fawad Chaudhry
  6. Former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf
  7. BBC Political Editor Chris Mason
  8. Switzerland President Ignazio Cassis
  9. Former UEAFA President Michel Platini
  10. German billionaire Stefan Quandt



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