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Not Sachin Pilot, Ashok Gehlot’s real test will be here in Rajasthan!

New Delhi: The Congress is currently in government on its own in two states, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh. Elections are to be held in both the places next year. Whereas since the formation of the government in Rajasthan, there has been a constant tussle between the CM Ashok Gehlot camp and former PCC Chief and former Deputy CM Sachin Pilot camp. There have been constant attempts to show power and a game of check-box between the two camps. But the way the MLAs of Gehlot camp behaved in Jaipur in the past, not only caused a lot of embarrassment to the party, but CM Ashok Gehlot himself got a lot of humiliation. He not only had to be out of the race for the post of Congress President, but even had to apologize in front of the high command. In the midst of all this, Gehlot is soon going to have an ordeal in Rajasthan. After the death of Congress MLA Bhanwar Lal Sharma, a by-election is to be held in Sardar city. In such a situation, this by-election is going to be very important for the Congress, which is struggling with mutual tussle.

Gehlot is also important for Congress

The biggest loss due to the Rajasthan dispute was that Gehlot, through his hard work and loyalty, had won the trust of the high command and the Gandhi family for the last four and a half decades, deeply hurt. However, Gehlot is not one to give up easily. He is doing everything possible to win this trust. On the other hand, Gehlot is still in great need for Congress to maintain and maintain power in Rajasthan.

Who is heavier in Gehlot vs Pilot?
In Rajasthan, Congress would like to take forward both Gehlot and Pilot camps. Although the claim in the state is the highest of these two.
It is visible, but Congress will not want to upset the other camp by putting one forward. In fact, the party will neither want to take the risk of angering Gehlot and his camp for the time being nor the Pilot camp. He needs both to keep his power.

Gehlot’s ordeal here

Before the assembly elections in Rajasthan, by-elections are to be held in Churu’s Sardarshahar, where the seat fell vacant due to the death of Congress MLA Bhanwarlal Sharma.
The bypoll is being seen as a litmus test for Gehlot ahead of the assembly elections next year. If Gehlot manages to save this seat, then his grit in the recent episode could be compensated for a lot. If the seat goes out of Congress then it will be Gehlot and Congress
For both, the upcoming election will be both a great sign and a message in the future.

Congress is stuck in Rajasthan
Not giving a face to the Congress in Rajasthan is also a political compulsion and the reason for this is the social equation there. From independence till now, most of the Chief Ministers in Rajasthan have been from upper caste including Brahmins, Thakurs. Although Jahan Barkatullah Khan (Muslim) and Mohalalalal Sukhadia (Jain) belonged to the community. While Jagannath Pahadia belonged to the Dalit community. Whereas Gehlot himself comes from OBC. Till now there has not been any CM from Gujjar and Jat sections. In the eyes of the people of Rajasthan, despite marriage in a Jat family, Vasundhara is more Maratha than Jat. For the people here, there is more such a dumb community than the Jat and Gurjar martial community, from which the minorities, Dalits and tribals, especially the Meena community, have always been afraid and terrorized. These three have never been comfortable with Jats and Gujjars. In such a situation, leading a person from this community has always been a big question for both BJP and Congress. Whereas the share of these three is very important in the social equations of the state. This is the reason why the Congress has been confused about taking forward the name of Pilot due to social equations more than its internal equations. There is a danger of resentment from the Meena community in pursuing Gujjar Pilot.

There is no trend of giving faces
If we look at the history of the last few years, there is generally no trend in Congress to go ahead with the face. On most of the occasions in the Congress, the same argument has been made that under the collective leadership the party will enter the elections, after the victory, the CM will be decided after the opinion of the legislature party. Last time also Congress contested elections in Rajasthan without a face. The Congress did not give a face in the elections held in Rajasthan as well as in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. However, after the formation of the government in these three states, due to mutual factionalism, there was a lot of tussle during the formation of the government in Rajasthan (Pilot-Gehlot), Madhya Pradesh (Kamal Nath-Jyotiraditya Scindia) and Chhattisgarh (Bhupesh Baghel, TS Singhdev and Charandas Mahant). And there was drama. In the last decade, apart from these in Karnataka, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Haryana, Goa, Kerala, wherever the Congress is likely to come to power, the Congress high command has decided to go under collective leadership.

Punjab has been an exception
Punjab has been an exception in this matter. For the last two times, the Congress has decided to enter the election by keeping its face in front of it continuously. Where in 2017 Congress contested the elections by keeping Captain Amarinder Singh ahead, in the same year’s election, Charanjit Singh contested in the name of Channi. However, the people of Punjab, who were plagued by the anti-incumbency and corruption of the Badal government, took the captain in their hands. But later infighting within the Congress tarnished the image of the party in such a way that AAP came to power there, registering a historic victory. In such a situation, the Congress, which has been burnt in Punjab, would now like to avoid putting its face forward in other states.



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