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Now every move of China on LAC will be destroyed! Modi government going to build 78 KM long road in Arunachal, know why it is important

New Delhi: Modi government has taken another big step to counter China on the border. India will soon have a 78 km long road from the country’s easternmost village in Arunachal Pradesh to near the LAC and the Modi government has paved the way for this. News18 has learned that the country is soon going to get a 78 km long strategic road from its easternmost village Dong in Arunachal Pradesh to 4 km close to the Line of Actual Control, touching the important tri-junction of India, China and Myanmar. The Narendra Modi government at the Center on February 1 began the process of building a new road from Dong village to Jachep camp in Arunachal Pradesh by inviting bids with a deadline of three years.

This road is strategically important as Dong is the country’s easternmost village and this new road will go to Jachep, which is located about 4 km from the Chinese border and 20 km from the Myanmar border. This road project will cost around Rs 200 crore and will be 3.75 meter wide single-lane. Once constructed, this road will be important for the transportation of personnel, arms and ammunition near the LAC and the tri-junction with China and Myanmar. A helipad is also planned along the road, which will pass through a steep incline with a maximum speed limit of 30-40 kmph.

Road will be built from Dong to Jachep Camp (Image/News18)

This project is very challenging
The project will start from Dong, which is located at the meeting point of the Lohit and Seti rivers in Arunachal Pradesh, and end at Jachep camp, 4 km before the Line of Actual Control. This road corridor will start at an altitude of 1255 meters in Dong and go up to an altitude of 4,500 meters near the border areas of China, India and Myanmar. News18 has learned that major stretches of the road have to be covered with snow-capped mountain tops to counter the sudden rise in altitude near Pathar Camp. The road will be single-lane as per National Highway specifications and will be a greenfield project.

China is building a dam near the Arunachal border, India has prepared a concrete plan to respond

Why is Arunachal Pradesh sensitive?
In fact, Arunachal Pradesh has seen border skirmishes between Indian and Chinese soldiers for years. In December last year, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh revealed that Chinese troops had tried to cross the LAAC to unilaterally change the status quo in the Yangtze region of Tawang sector, but due to the proactive and timely response of Indian troops Dragon’s army was forced to retreat. Earlier in October 2021, a large Chinese patrol attempted to cross the LAC in Yangtze, as a result of which both sides came face to face and a confrontation took place. Not only this, the Chinese troops then also tried to destroy some vacant bunkers at Bum La and Yangtze border passes near the Line of Actual Control in Arunachal Pradesh.

India is strengthening its steps on LAC
Last month, News18 had exclusively reported that a new single-lane highway of about 135 km would be built along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) from Chushul to Demchok in Ladakh in the next two years, a move India will make to counter China. Will act as a major strategic road. The road will be the second boost to infrastructure in the Leh region after the BRO invited bids for the construction of the Nyoma airfield in Ladakh last month. This airfield will include an advanced landing ground where fighter jets can land soon.

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