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Now Navy ships will be repaired while on mission, experts sitting in the dockyard will solve the problem

New Delhi: Ships of the Indian Navy will now be able to be repaired even while on their mission in the sea. Experts sitting in the dockyard will be able to repair the ship from afar. This will also save time, fuel will also be saved and the mission will also continue. If there is any problem in a ship that has gone on any of its missions in the sea, then to fix it, the ship has to come to the dockyard on the shore till now. Here the problem of the ship is seen and then it is repaired. It also takes time for the ship to come to shore from the middle of the mission, as well as fuel is also spent in commuting. But now the Navy has designed such a system that the ship can be repaired remotely even while it is in the sea.

An official said that the Navy has designed it and given it to a private firm to develop. The system has a complete setup onboard i.e. in the ship and support setup in the base i.e. on the shore. Onboard Setup and Support Setup Both these devices connect to the system. This is a secure system so that no data is leaked. Now if there is any problem in the ship, then through the support setup, through video call or audio call, the experts will be able to tell the people on the onboard setup what to do. Through video call, experts will be able to understand the problem and then it will be resolved.

Work on this project was going on for about three years. Now all its trials have been completed and this system is in production stage. According to sources, soon 10 such systems will be available to the Navy and they will be installed in 10 ships. After this these ships can be repaired remotely. For example, if a ship has gone out for patrolling in the sea, then it will not have to leave the mission and come to the shore for reparing in the middle.



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